A single addiction can be life-threatening. Tragically, it is even more common for someone to be suffering from two substance addictions simultaneously.

Over half of those with one substance abuse problem admitted to using or abusing one other substance and about one in six people with a substance abuse problem reported the use or abuse of multiple substances, a condition known as polysubstance abuse.

Some substances are far more highly correlated with polysubstance abuse than others. For example, while less than a third of the people reporting an alcohol addiction admitted to the use or abuse of nicotine or another drug, more than two-thirds of those suffering from an illicit drug addiction admitted having problems with one or more additional substances. 

In addition, while only 20% of people addicted to nicotine use or abuse of alcohol or other drugs, 75% of people addicted to painkillers admitted to additional substance problems.

Treatment for polysubstance addictions can be complicated. Undergoing a detoxification process for multiple substances can increase the intensity and duration of withdrawal symptoms while at the same time limiting the medications that can be used to treat them.

Nevertheless, treatment for polysubstance addiction is possible. In fact, research suggests that recovering from multiple addictions is not substantially more difficult than recovering from a single addiction. Do not give up hope.

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