Program Manager

Having worked in drug and alcohol addiction treatment for seven years, Racheal Doll has the knowledge and experience necessary to help make sure the admissions process goes as smoothly as possible for everyone who comes to Asana Recovery for help.  Racheal can answer your questions and work with you, your family, and your health plan to coordinate all aspects of admission into our treatment facility. She can arrange for an initial clinical assessment, handle the verification of health insurance coverage and secure any necessary approval, and even help with travel arrangements, if needed.

In recovery herself, Racheal brings to her position here a passion for helping others succeed in recovery. “I find genuine happiness in being a part of the miracles that happen every day in recovery,” she says.

Racheal is from Las Vegas, Nevada, where she spent several years in an interesting people-focused job of a different kind:  working as a blackjack dealer. In addition to her job skills, she is talented in art and can play the cello and the ukulele. When not present at work, Racheal loves being present in the life of her family and enjoys her young daughter, Kaia.