Asana Recovery

Rickey Galloway CADC-CAS

Rickey Galloway

Case Manager

Helping others recover is at the top of Rickey’s priorities and is part of what makes him a great Case Manager at Asana Recovery. Rickey works with clients and builds a relationship with them from the start, acting as a mentor and source of support. He assists with initial intake and assessment, crisis intervention, and the development of their recovery plans. When Rickey is not busy assisting clients, he enjoys extending the reach of his support by speaking at youth centers and prisons about addiction and recovery.

Rickey comes to Asana after spending three years studying at Long Beach City College, majoring in Human Services and Liberal Studies. He has experience in teaching special education and had worked in substance abuse treatment groups and counselling for 15 years before training to become a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counsellor.

During his spare time, you can find Rickey behind the turntables as a DJ at recovery dances and birthday parties. He also enjoys spending time gardening and watching flowers and plants grow in the California sun.

Seeing his family happy is what makes Rickey the happiest. His family shares many of the same interests as him. Perhaps most importantly is that they also love to help people in need. Rickey’s household is comprised of both his family members and his fish, which he enjoys taking care of in his free time.

Recent Professional Trainings

  • Medicine Wheel and 12 Steps Facilitator Training, 1/24/23 to 1/27/23