The City of San Francisco has announced a six million dollar initiative to provide buprenorphine to the city’s substance addicted homeless population. Buprenorphine, which goes by the brand name Suboxone, has proven to be incredibly effective at reducing heroin cravings and has also been shown to work faster and cause fewer side effects than comparable medications, like methadone.

The San Francisco Department of Public Health estimates that there are approximately 11,000 intravenous heroin users in the city, and it is believed that thousands of them may be homeless. The new initiative provides two years worth of funding for a team of ten medical professionals to travel around the city with the aim of prescribing the medication to at least 250 homeless residents in need.

Addiction is a progressive disease; it grows stronger and becomes worse over time. If you or someone you love may be struggling with a substance addiction, it is important to seek competent and professional treatment at the earliest opportunity.

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