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Shantelle Stancin

Shantelle Stancin Case Manager

Case Manager

Shantelle Stancin, a case manager at Asana Recovery, believes you “have to give it away to keep it.” She’s referring to recovery and her desire to help others find the “hope, light and support” that have helped her stay sober since November 28, 2016. She’s also fascinated by psychology and learning about therapeutic tools for recovery.”

Shantelle graduated from California State University, Fullerton. Her family includes her boyfriend Brandon and their cat, TyTy Along with ice cream, spending time in nature and spending time with friends make Shantelle happy.

For fun, Shantelle does a diverse assortment of hobbies, including snowboarding, riding her bike, snorkeling, traveling and checking things off bucket lists. Impressively, she can do the splits and backflips.