Summer means time off, sunny days, and outdoor fun.  Summer also brings, a challenging time for a person in recovery.  It is very important to you to stay sober while enjoying the summer parties. While enjoying the outdoor barbecues, the beach, and camping you may feel tempted to slip into old habits.  Frequently, many summer festivities are celebrated with alcohol or other substances where you could be tempted to have a drink or use drugs.

You may feel it is “ok” to engage just this one time and before you know it, your addiction is back.


For these reasons, it is important to maintain your sobriety and continue to choose abstinence, while still enjoying all the summer activities.


  • Have a Goal. Remaining sober is a matter of being aware of what you really want.  It is important to replace harmful behaviors with healthier habits and activities.  When we have clear goals and realize the behaviors we need to continue to reach those goals.  This will be a great help to aid you in your sobriety.


  • Make a Plan. The more planning you do, the more you will be able to avoid possible triggers. Know who will be attending the party and what type of environment you will be in. If the event will long see if non-alcoholic drinks will be offered, if not bring your own favorite.  If the event becomes uncomfortable and you are struggling with the temptation to partake in a drink or another substance, be sure to have an exit plan.


  • Bring Support. If you attend an activity that might challenge your sobriety, bring a supportive friend who is aware of your goals.  When your with a friend who understands your need to stay sober, they can provide the required support to help you get through the challenge of staying abstinent.


  • Stay Healthy. Don’t overcommit to attend too many social gatherings.  When you are you not at your optimal health, it is much harder to resist temptation.  Be sure to plan healthy activities and places to spend your time. Doing so will help sustain your new healthy lifestyle.


  • Be Active in Your Recovery When You’re on Vacation. Many people like to disconnect from the outside world when they are on vacation.  During your treatment program, you developed a support system for your recovery. It is important for you to stay active and connected with your addiction recovery support system at all times, even when you’re on vacation.  Perhaps you may want to stay in touch with your counselor or sponsor who knows about your recovery. Actively use these to support your sobriety when you’re on vacation. Staying sober during the summer is reinforced by holding yourself accountable for your own actions.

Asana Recovery


By keeping these tips in mind, you will be able to remain sober while enjoying the Summer fun.  It is important for you to plan ahead, have a supportive friend, live a healthy lifestyle, and stay connected with your recovery resources during the summer and all year long.

Asana Recovery is a world-class treatment facility offering residential treatment for addiction. If you are concerned about addiction, please contact one of our caring admissions counselors today 949-438-4505.


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