Asana Recovery

Steven Porter Behavioral Health Technician

Behavioral Health Technician

Happiness to Steven is helping others and making them smile. He enjoys music, movies, walking along the beach, and spending time with his loved one and their cat, Wishbone.

He got started in the addictions industry because of the environment. Steven says, “I love to be of service, especially to those who are struggling with addiction.” He also said he wants to give back what was so freely given to him. Before working in the industry, he studied at CSUS for Science & Engineering, graduating in 2016.

At Asana Recovery, Steven works as a Behavioral Health Technician. He can be found working with clients toward their overall heath, helping them schedule medical appointments, and overseeing their progress. He also works closely with medical staff and ensures clients are informed about their detox medications.

Steven believes that you can’t think your way into right living, but you can live yourself into right thinking.