Sex, drugs, and rock & roll. It’s no secret that the music industry is rife with drug and alcohol abuse issues. From the Grateful Dead’s “Casey Jones,” to Amy Winehouse’s “Rehab,” drug addiction has inspired music for decades, and recreational drug use has become embedded in the very culture of many musical genres including rock & roll, hip hop, and electronic dance music (EDM).

The list of musicians that have publicly struggled with addiction is long, and the successes are far too few and far between. Indeed, the list of those who succumbed to their addiction is overcrowded with careers gone too early and lives cut too short.

Despite the widespread recognition of the relationship between substance abuse and the music industry, it is possible that the public at large actually underestimates the severity of the issue. According to some estimates, musicians are three to four times more likely to use or abuse drugs and alcohol than people employed in other careers.

While those employed in creative fields seem to suffer from addiction at a higher rate than others, it is the combination of the creative stress and the greater drug-infused culture that put musicians at such a uniquely high risk. These pressures and influences can be difficult to overcome, but recovery is possible.

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