Opioids are defined as a class of drugs, either legal through prescription or wholly unlawful, that have a legitimate use as a treatment for pain. According to the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM), approximately two million American suffer from an addiction to prescription opioids and nearly 600,000 more suffer from a heroin addiction.

Part of the difficulty with assuring treatment for those struggling with opioid addiction is that the withdrawal symptoms, while not life-threatening, can be quite severe. These symptoms include:

  • Hot and cold sweats
  • Muscle aches and pains
  • Irritability, anxiety, or agitation
  • insomnia
  • Teary eyes and runny nose
  • Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal cramping

The onset of opioid withdrawal symptoms typically begins within 12 hours of the last use, peaks within 3-5 days, and lasts for a duration of approximately 1-4 weeks. This period is known as acute withdrawal. The next phase, known as post-acute withdrawal, can last up to a year and typically involves mood swings, anxiety, and sleep disruptions.

Addiction is a progressive disease that will grow in strength as time goes on. For the best chance at a successful recovery, it is important to seek competent and professional treatment at the earliest opportunity.

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