Asana Recovery

Tania Maalouly

Client Care Director

Tania loves to travel and experience new and exciting places, but when she is working with us, she is known as someone who dedicates her life to learn and improve herself as a nurse.

In Asana Recovery, Tania is a Lead Nurse. She is mainly in charge of managing the department and auditing the quality of the nursing assessment, medication monitoring, and documentation. Many of her day to day tasks are critical to providing a base-line level of care to our clients.

She does daily checkups on our clients, monitors their vitals, and  conferring with doctors on a patient’s progress. She is also in charge of assessing employees and conducting training for our medical staff and nurses. Her compassion and patience allows her to provide patients with the quality of care they deserve.

“There is nothing like seeing someone who arrived in a desperate state, seemingly completely lost to their addiction, but who is now living a serene and stable life.”

This is what Tania told us when she was asked why she valued working in the addiction recovery field. Seeing improvement and having a role, no matter how big or small, in someone’s development motivates her to keep giving her best.

She likes to live a structured life and always sets high expectations for herself. This dedication and quality inspires her team and motivates them to also improve on their actions and work. Aside from being an excellent nurse in our team, she loves mentoring new nurses and instilling them with confidence and self worth.

One fun fact about her is that she studied psychology at  Pace University in New York City from 1995 to 1998. She decided on this career since she was always interested and intrigued on knowing and understanding  how the mind works. Her dedication doesn’t stop there, during her free time she loves to read and be up to date on all world happenings, especially on medical news. She is ambitious and loves to learn everything and anything.

“I believe no one should have a cap and stop growing. Never accept an “ok” life, strive and reach for the stars.”

She has a beautiful family with her husband of 23 years and her 4 amazing children. This passion she has within her has been passed on to three of her children, who have been inspired by her mother to follow her path in the medical field and strive to improve future medicine. Even though she loves and is devoted to her job, Tania also enjoys spending time with her family. She loves to travel with them, which she feels is the best bonding tool any parent can use. Traveling is her favorite family activity because they get to experience beautiful places, learn different cultures and create beautiful memories together.