Asana Recovery

Tanya Brown

Business Development

When she’s not spending time with her family or sharing her story with others, you can find Tanya building relationships with community members and in the recovery industry to spread awareness for Asana Recovery, as part of our business development department.

Tanya is a nationally recognized author, speaker and life coach who uses lessons she has learned from the trauma in her life to help others cope. With the loss of her sister, Nicole Brown Simpson, Tanya is no stranger to trauma and adversity. She has been met with overwhelming challenges in her life, but has used these obstacles to improve her quality of life. Through all of that, she became a domestic violence advocate, doing speaking engagements and training to educate people about the realities of domestic abuse.

Tanya has been committed to speaking on overcoming adversity and promoting healthy mental health for overall well-being. She encourages her audiences to find peace amidst the chaos they experience daily, and learn how to use self-care tools to their best advantage. Her story inspires others to believe they can also overcome adversity with the willingness to ask for help.

She was led to work in this field because of both direct and indirect experiences in her life, but especially to change language and clarify the difference between mental illness and mental health. Tanya loves that knowing she has made a difference in someone trying to make a change in their life, and loves meeting people right where they are at in life. She uses her strengths of being able to relate and connect with people, as well as offering coping skills and strategies to best help those around her.

Tanya started her career in community relations after the murder of her sister, Nicole Brown Simpson. In 2005, she helped create the Nicole Brown Simpson Charitable Foundation to spread awareness on domestic violence. She has also worked in hospice care building relationships with seniors, and then took a break to decide where to go next. She then spent time as an admissions coordinator at Laguna Treatment Hospital before starting with Asana Recovery.

When she’s not working, Tanya most enjoys spending time with all of her family including her 2 older sisters, mom and nieces and nephews. Her family is her refuge as well as her closest friends, so anytime she can spend time with them is what makes her the happiest. She also loves playing tennis and plays whenever she can, swimming, and indoor cycling. She spends as much time as she can at the beach or with friends.

Tanya takes a lot of inspiration from her Mom. Her mom was a child in WWII, had a daughter murdered, lost a husband to Alzheimers, and had stage 3C breast cancer, but yet will never complain. Tanya admires how truly genuine, sincere and grateful her mother is and translates this inspiration into her everyday work.