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Some Clients Wanted to Share their Journey:

I came here a broken man, I left ready to face the world and am working a program and trying to the best of my ability to repay my stay here, and to the wonderful staff of counselors, therapists and chief and all the staff that helped me on my journey to sober living and a better life.

- Gregory Small

I’m pretty pumped on this place!!! I just completed 28 days here that def saved my life, and I’ve built solid relationships with staff and clients!!! Also the therapist is a really solid dude his I love the guy! I also learn things about myself and greats tools to stay on the right path!!! Thanks friends yeeewwww

- Adam Hendreson

I loved my experience at Asana Recovery. I did leave but returned to open arms and no judgement. It was honestly like a family while I was there. Logan is chill and easy to talk to. Mary litterally let me sane. Jen will work her hardest for you. Grant was the best therapist I’ve ever seen in my life and I truly thought I would never like a male therapist but he takes the cake. Bre, Sabina, Therisa are the sweetest people ever and really go out of there way for you and will talk to you about anything at anytime. Danny is hilarious �. And jt and Vince are kind as well. And Ali is just the homie honestly I love her. I think that’s most the staff but it just goes to say it’s a great team of people working here. And anyone I left out is equally amazing. Even the owners show up and really care about their clients. I never once get judged or unwanted or lonely. The whole staff truly goes out of their way for each client. It’s an amazing place all I can say is don’t judge a book by its cover like I did. Hope this inspires someone to attend this facility and get the help they are looking for because asana is the place to go if you truly want to get better and feel at home. Love you guys! Oh and the food Sabina makes is 5 star hands down best chef ever. I’ll def be making her chicken salad pitas when I go home!!!

- Natasha Campbell

This place literally saved my life – business, family, and health. The medical staff was outstanding, and facilitated me getting sober in a safe and comfortable manner. The Staff was amazing. Every session that we had was of great value. I mentally grew, and got better. The therapy was spot on – no BS, straight to the point in terms of uncovering internal demons that I had been dealing with . Most importantly, I am leaving feeling better than I have for years, and I have a detailed plan to STAY sober and create a beautiful life for myself and my family. PS: The FOOD was amazing. I put on 5lbs…. ugh . (LOL)

- Gene

Asana Recovery is the best rehabilitation center I have ever been to. You’ll build an excellent relationship with the staff. I love how you get so much one on one time with all of the staff, get to hear there stories and see how much they care for you and will do anything to help you to the best of there ability. You’ll have a professional chef Monday thru Friday and she is an amazing chef. Looks may be deceiving but it is an extraordinary place. Everyone, including the staff and other clients, has taken a huge spot in my heart and I am going to miss this place so much. I’ve made so many friends here, but now I think of all of them as family and they will always have that spot in my heart forever. I will be staying in contact with my new family. I’m sad to go but I know it’s time for me to move on. I’m always going to come back to visit. I’ve made long lasting relationships and I am so blessed and thankful to have found this place. Thank you to everyone. I love you all.

- Maci Johnson

Asana Recovery saved my life – no more simple way to say it. Having been struggling with a drug and alcohol problem for the last 10+ years, somewhere along the line I must have come into some good karma to have found this place. I have been all over the country for treatment from New Hampshire to one of the most well known places ever – Betty Ford in California. I can say without hesitation that Asana has their shit together and blew all the other 15+ treatment facilities I have been to in my life out of the water. The staff to client ratio is almost 2 to 1, meaning you get all the care/treatment you need and then some – unlike the bigger treatment facilities which are all about making money. This place is the COMPLETE opposite. They treat us like the true human beings we are and understand that we are simply sick people with a disease that needs to be properly treated. And PROPERLY treat us they do!! The place has a personal chef, Sabina, who is a certified Nutritionist, and feeds us properly each and every day. They have certified trainers that come to the property to motivate us and teach us the importance of proper exercise and take us to the gym. They take you to AA/NA meetings almost every day, they allow limited use of cell phones so you can stay connected to family, friends, and the outside world, jobs, etc. and also take you out for fun activities like going to the beach or the movies. The Case Manager, Jennifer Harrison, works above and beyond her job requirements to make sure you are properly cared for and sets you up for your aftercare making sure you understand the importance of the daily battle you face each day. The Doctors prescribe the proper medicine for detox and make sure you are comfortable the entire time you are there – weaning you off of whatever drug/alcohol problem got you there in the first place. The nursing staff such as Bree, Mary, Theresa, and Caroline could be working at any hospital in the world, and they choose to work for Asana because they get to experience the gratification of helping people get well. The Therapist, Grant, is as cool and as good as any I have personally ever seen. The support staff such as Logan, Allie, and Danny are all recovered alcoholics who go WAY out of there way to make sure you have everything you need while there from cigarettes, to candy, etc. – pretty much anything even spending their own money for you if need be as they understand as good as anyone the importance of following rules but also the importance of being comfortable and treated like a human being. I can’t say enough good things about the place – if you are struggling with any type of addiction, get to Asana if you are serious about getting and wanting a happy, sober, and productive life! Cheers to Asana!!

- Jimmy Izeluk