Asana Recovery

Tiffany Vandersloot

Clinical Outreach Director

Tiffany fulfills a crucial role in ensuring that every client that goes into Asana Recovery receives the clinical care that they deserve to begin their road to healing and recovering. As a Clinical Manager, she creates relationships of trust and empathy with clients who are struggling with their personal, family, and social surroundings.

Creating this relationship helps her promote personal growth in order for their recovery to be successful. She performs many tasks during her days in Asana. She observes and records our client’s emotional behavior and family interactions so she can ensure that the client is receiving a plan that fully meets their individual needs. She has regular individual, group, and family therapy sessions and intervenes when a client is having a crisis. 

“I work in the addiction industry because I believe everyone deserves to live a life they are proud of” Is what she told us when we asked her why she chose the addiction recovery industry.

She emphasized that even though understanding addiction and going through the healing process can be a difficult task, through Asana she is giving our clients a sense of hope that the life they desire the most IS obtainable. She attended the University of San Diego and majored in Business and Communications but found her passion for helping people when she pursued her MFT at Chapman University.

For her, there is nothing more powerful than witnessing the growth of an individual throughout their recovery process. Seeing the insight they gain and the self-love they rebuild is the greatest privilege of her life. When she is not dedicated to help our clients heal and grow from their addictions, she enjoys spending time with her family.

She is the proud mother to Kolton, who she calls the greatest joy of her life. Her passion makes her valuable not only for our team but for the clients that trust in her and allow her to help them heal and grow from their addictions.