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When veterans or their family members struggle with a substance abuse issue, they may not be sure where they can turn for help. The costs for treatment may feel overwhelming. However, insurance can help aid recovery without placing an enormous financial burden on the person struggling with addiction. Asana Recovery is proud to now offer coverage for TriWest patients.  

Our programs are specifically designed to meet TriWest standards. Although military personnel has historically always had access to medical care in military medical facilities, veterans and family members often found themselves without quality care. Also, because of overcrowding and escalating costs, there was a general dissatisfaction with the care received.

As a result, the government started a program to outsource and extend coverage for veterans and their loved ones. TriWest was formed in 1996 to help provide coverage for military personnel and family members. Through TriWest coverage, they can seek help for a variety of services that they need. Those covered include members of every branch:



Air Force

Coast Guard

Marine Corps

National Guard Reserves

U.S. Public Health Services

Commission Core of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association

Commission Core

The program provides coverage for all types of healthcare, including alcohol and substance abuse. As a part of the American Care Act (ACA), TriWest covers services for pre-approved facilities. Some of the services covered include:

Inpatient hospital detoxification

Inpatient rehabilitation

Outpatient detoxification

Outpatient alcohol and drug abuse rehabilitation


TriWest does cover drug rehabilitation in their services. Exactly which services are covered depends on your policy and medical assessment. However, most necessary treatments are covered.

Hospitalization during the initial medical detoxification is often required to help people become stable again. Sometimes, partial hospitalization is available for those who don’t require 24-hour supervision. 

Also, drug detox can be an uncomfortable experience as the body re-learns to function without it. Medication-assisted treatment (MATs) are often used to help ease the transition. TriWest will cover the cost of MATs if you are suffering.

Residential treatment options are available for those who need inpatient services through TriWest. However, it’s important to note that although TriWest does cover each of these services, they do not cover un-approved treatment. What this means is that treatment has to be deemed medically necessary and approved ahead of time.

Typically, tests, assessment, and diagnostic tools are used ahead of time to determine whether a patient is eligible for specific treatment plans. They are usually performed at a doctor’s office or health care facility. From there, medical professionals can use the assessment to map out the right plan of care for the patient’s specific needs.

You don’t have to navigate your insurance alone. Our professionals here at Asana Recovery can help you understand and work through the process to get coverage. Reach out to us today to get the help you need with TriWest insurance coverage. 


Alcohol treatment often does not work the same as drug treatment. Because drugs are immediately harmful, there isn’t the same threshold that takes a person from casual user to addiction. With alcohol, however, it may take some time for the person and their loved ones to realize that there may be an issue.

This spectrum on alcohol use from casual to addiction may make you wonder whether your drinking is severe enough to be covered by insurance. However, if your drinking is getting in the way of your life, harming your relationships, or doesn’t feel like it’s something you can control, then rehab might be covered.

Since the passing ACA into law, TriWest expanded their substance abuse coverage. As a result, TriWest covers those seeking treatment for alcohol addiction.

TriWest requires that treatment be based on assessment and use only a medically-approved procedure. Some treatments that are not covered include:

  • Yoga
  • Psychosurgery
  • Biofeedback
  • Acupuncture
  • Sexual dysfunction therapy
  • Specific therapy services
  • Aversion therapy
  • Unproven treatments


Members of the military are exposed to various stressful situations that the typical civilian does not encounter. As a result, the issues that often accompany their addiction are not the same. Problems with behavioral health lay the groundwork for addiction, so they must be addressed along with the addiction. For example, PTSD is common among those who were in military combat. PTSD increases the chance that a person will turn to addiction to cope. 

TriWest understands that behavioral health is essential among veterans and their loved ones. They started “The Moment When” campaign to help veterans and family members seek help for mental health. Their website, Make The Connection, offers stories and resources for those who struggle with their mental health. 

In addition, TriWest does cover behavioral health services to offer assistance for those struggling, whether their mental health issues stem from their time in the military or not. However, they do have a process to cover the treatment. This process includes an initial evaluation report and the completion of the episode of care. They only cover evidence-based behavioral care, so other forms of therapy will not be accepted.

Some of the disorders that are covered under TriWest insurance include:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • PTSD
  • Eating disorders
  • Substance abuse

Both veterans and their family members often require additional support from medical professionals that understand the stress and problems that arise from military service. Asana Recovery offers unique help and expertise needed for your situation. We recognize that your care is not the same as civilian care and offer treatment specialized for your needs.


Substance abuse treatment for veterans and their families takes special care and concern. Finding professionals and paying for treatment doesn’t have to be an overwhelming experience, though. Our experts are here to help. We understand how to navigate insurance coverage and are approved by TriWest to accept approved patients.

If you have TriWest coverage and need help finding treatment for addiction, contact us here at Asana Recovery. We have the expertise to help you understand your policy, how to get the treatment approved, and navigate the insurance channels.

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