Asana Recovery

Tyson Sullivan

Director of Clinical Outreach

Helping others is what drives Tyson to always put his best effort into his job. At Asana Recovery, he is our Director of Clinical Outreach. Where he is in charge of creating, building, and maintaining positive partner relationships and referral sources. These relationships are created and sustained by the execution of marketing plans, the generation of referrals, and maintaining ongoing communication with Asana’s partners. 

His bond with Asana Recovery and the addiction and recovery industry is a very special one. Tyson developed a passion to help others who are struggling with drug and alcohol abuse because he himself struggled in the past.  Through his personal experience, Tyson wants to give hope to those who are currently fighting against their addictions and let them know that they are never alone.

“My story is easy to relate to the men and women going through recovery and I feel that gives them hope to see someone who was just like them that has made it out of that lifestyle and recovered.”

When he’s at home he appreciates the company of his beautiful family. He enjoys being a dad to his 1-year-old daughter, 3-year-old son, and their Australian Shepard mix dog named Billy! One of the proudest moments in his family is his little brother’s success as a well-known musician in Orange County, who had a reggae-rock band who once was on top of the Billboard Charts.

He studied Theology and Spirituality in San Diego at the Cathedral of the Valley. Which helped him realize and find his life’s meaning in helping others and ensuring the well-being of those around him. For this and many other reasons, Tyson is a great and valued addition to our team!