unethical practices

The field of addiction treatment is far less regulated than other fields of medical care, creating an environment that can allow the unethical behavior to flourish. In addition to the variety of scams that fail to deliver on their promises of care, those seeking treatment for a substance addiction must beware of a number of other abuses and violations that jeopardize a patient’s ability to receive proper care.

Many of the most common unseemly business practices at treatment centers could be characterized as a type of “patient brokering.” For example, some treatment centers will offer a per patient finder’s fee for referrals to their facilities or will enter into kickback arrangements with recovery residencies or other rehab centers for exclusive referrals to their center. A number of treatment facilities even go so far as to participate in “patient bidding,” wherein a call center purporting to be operated by caregivers literally auctions patient referrals to the highest bidder.

Occasionally, patients themselves are approached directly and offered a variety of bribes and incentives to enroll in or transfer treatment centers in a shady practice known as “patient enticement.” Patients may also face a risk of privacy violations from unethical treatment centers that are lax in compliance with the Health Insurance Privacy and Portability Act (HIPPA).

Although the occurrence of fraud and malpractice may be elevated in the loosely regulated field of addiction treatment, it is important to remember that it is representative of only a very small fraction of treatment centers. Rather than discourage treatment at all, these risks should emphasize the importance of finding the right treatment center.

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