Asana Recovery

Vanessa Vargas Client Care Coordinator

Client Care Coordinator

Vanessa grew up singing in a Christian Worship band for her church, which she found very fulfilling. Though she doesn’t sing in a group anymore, she still loves to enjoy music. She says, “I like taking road trips while jamming to Toni Braxton, and making my husband suffer through my 90’s R&B playlist!”

She also gets a great deal of happiness when she has the whole family together for Sunday dinners.

The addictions industry is something Vanessa is passionate about because she has seen how addiction can affect a community and she wants to help. She brings her expertise in nursing to Asana Recovery after graduating from the LVN program at Hacienda La Puente. She is now studying to receive an NClex certification.

At Asana Recovery, Vanessa works as a Client Care Coordinator and can often be found helping to collect medical samples, providing education about client medication, assisting with client appointments, and observing, charting, and caring for clients.