Asana Recovery

Venus Bradbury Activities Director

Activities Director

Venus is very musically inclined and loves to spend her time playing and writing her own music! She plays guitar and likes to dance. She also enjoys surfing, signing, and writing poetry; she has goals to publish her own poetry book one day.

Her family has two dogs and she is looking forward to getting a cat once she gets her own apartment.

As the Activities Director at Asana Recovery, Venus is often busy following up with alumni and planning and hosting events for clients, staff, and graduates. She also works to celebrate alumni milestones, helps with discharging processes, and writes newsletters.

She got her start in the addictions industry because she is in recovery herself and wants to give back what was so freely given to her. As a student at Syracuse University, she studied Public Health and spent time learning about emergency services while part of the Ambulance Organization, which would respond to emergencies on campus.