Asana Recovery

Veronica Lazaro

Veronica Lazaro

Client Care Coordinator

Making others happy is what brings Veronica the most joy. She says, “I’m happy if at the end of my day I made somebody laugh. Helping others makes me very very happy!” Veronica also finds happiness when she spends time with her family and friends, including her stepdaughter and pug, Luna. She loves to travel, explore the outdoors, and try new things. This has led her to become a certified cell phone repair technician and recently learning how to paddleboard. She also has her sights set on learning to skate.

Veronica has graduated from Santa Ana College as a Medical Assistant and is currently a student in an Associate in Science degree program. Her dedication to learning and helping is a great fit for Asana Recovery. Here, she works as a Client Care Coordinator, assisting medical staff and clients with observations, medications, coordinating appointments, and collecting samples.

Her drive to work in addictions began when she saw her own family dealing with addiction-related challenges. With the death of one of her cousins, she was inspired to help others overcome their substance abuse issues. She says, “I want to help people to succeed in their battle against their addictions. I’m here to encourage and support them during their journey to recovery.”

She believes that people can do anything they want in life, as long as they are determined to do it.