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Have you ever wondered why the notion for marijuana legalization is actually a good idea? Now, let’s consider the facts, first and foremost. While the little green plant has been the focal point for numerous studies on a variety of illnesses (like brain tumors, depression, and addiction therapy), we have to remember that, no matter how it is portrayed, marijuana is still a drug and can still produce negative side effects if abused. Nevertheless, one of the perks of pot legalization is one action: total control. When state governments legalize the plant, officials can closely monitor farming, production, preparation, and sales to make sure criminal activity is not at the forefront of these businesses. As a result, the public can be protected from shady elements like laced weed. Let’s take a closer look at why you or a loved one should be wary of these chemically tainted marijuana plants.

Facts about Laced Weed

Simply put, laced weed is marijuana that has been coated or tainted with additional drugs or toxic chemicals that will completely hide the poor quality of the plants. However, laced marijuana can also be created at home, when people sprinkle their plants with PCP or LSD. In fact, some hardcore addicts will roll a cocaine-spiked joint just for that extra kick. One particularly nasty case is a “rainbow joint,” which is rolled with LSD-coated paper.

In particularly nasty cases, some people will put glass or drain cleaner on poor-grade cannabis to make it look sparkly and fresh (when, in reality, it is musty and useless).

Unintentional or Intentional

Typically, people will accidentally taint the weed or (in a cruel and sinister twist) lace the drug with powerful chemicals. Keep in mind that, in some pot-legal states, people have to be wary of bugs, fungi, and other contaminants that could damage their precious cargo. In this case, the growers did not intentionally lace the weed but, instead, absentmindedly sold polluted portions of the plants. Here are some common contaminants that lace marijuana:

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