In the heat of the Opioid Crisis, you are probably asking one question: how do people become painkiller addicts in the first place? In reality, no one who starts taking prescription painkillers plans to become an opioid abuser or addict. At least, that’s what we’d like to think. From the start, patients consume codeine, oxycodone, or morphine in an attempt to cope with extremely severe pain triggered by injuries or a sickness, but the risk of addiction is always skulking in the background. If patients follow directions provided by their doctors, they won’t necessarily fall victim to this sickness (just dependence), but the threat always looms. Let’s take a closer look at why people start consuming too many painkillers.

Effective at Numbing Pain

WHY DO PEOPLE START CONSUMING TOO MANY PAINKILLERS?Obviously, one of the biggest reasons people start abusing opioids is the simple fact that these drugs exceptionally mute pain, sometimes miraculously so. Both affordable and effective, opioids don’t require additional pain therapy or physical rehabilitation and can help patients get on with their daily lives. Due to this efficiency, many people will start popping these pills like candy, leading to disaster.

No More Emotions

Another obvious reason people abuse painkillers is due to a need for emotional expungement. Some people will develop a chemical dependency to opioids and will pop more pills or shoot up more drugs to dampen their negative emotions. In fact, research has proven that people suffering from mood disorders are more prone to opioid use disorder.

Inaccessibility to Alternative Treatment

Remember, opioids are effective and cheap, so it makes sense that patients would consume these drugs due to an inability to access alternative treatment. Even people who are seeking non-drug therapy must resort to opioids if their pocketbooks are nearly empty. The choice can be grim: either accept the pain or find a fast way to mute it. What would you choose?

Seeking Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder

Opioid use disorder is easily one of the most terrifying substance use disorders on the planet, mostly because opioid addiction partially stems from a large number of drugs that are legally regulated by the federal government. For decades, our country has suffered beneath the weight of dangerous synthetics and legal painkillers, and millions of Americans have suffered from addiction throughout the 20 years the crisis has been brewing. However, you can make the right decision by taking a stand against your addiction and regaining your health and happiness.

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