A solid foundation of support is one of the most crucial components of the recovery process. As you work through your addiction and towards your future as a stronger and healthier individual, your support group of friends, relatives, and fellow survivors become the center from which you pull strength during more difficult periods. No one expects you to be flawless during this difficult process, but a committed and compassionate support group can help you through the darker points.

Counselors are trained professionals who understand the strain of your situation and can help guide you towards recovery. They offer a wide variety of techniques to find what’s best for you and what will help you the most on your journey to recovery. These can include

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.
  • Motivational Identification
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Life Skills Formation
  • Coping Strategies

No two counselors are the same and it’s important to find the right one for you, but the work they do can vastly improve the success rate of your recovery and extend the durability of your sobriety.

Counselors are professional listeners. They aim to help you help yourself and do not judge you for the decisions you make or the actions they take. At the end of the day, a counselor only wants you to improve and be better than you were the day before, no matter how small an improvement that is.

Therapists and counselors can also help guide your recovery by working with you to set short and long-term goals and stick to them. By including a counselor in your goals, you give someone the ability to hold you accountable. For some, this accountability can greatly improve their levels of commitment and their chances of success.

Counselors can also dig deeper to discover underlying causes of addiction and addictive behavior. These professionals can have hundreds of hours of experience speaking to people in very similar situations and with this experience comes expertise. They can offer tips and guidance for a successful recovery as well as insight into your personal triggers and hindrances to your progress.  

Choosing the right counselor takes time, but the staff at Asana Recovery can help you through the search and all the stages of your path towards a happier and healthier future. Recovery can be a difficult road, but you don’t need to travel it alone.