Asana Recovery

Client Care Coordinator

When she’s not busy being a mom to four boys, Yesenia spends her time at our company being a Client Coordinator M.A. Among her many tasks and responsibilities, she is in charge of the nursing assessment, monitoring the client’s medication and ensuring accurate documentation of various processes along the way.

Her role allows her to be actively involved with our clients, since during her days she has to measure and record their vital signs, observe any of their concerns and if necessary, recommend a client to emergency medical care. She also records data and communicates with the physician for medical clearance when it comes to treatment, planning and discharge.

Getting to work closely with our clients is perfect for her, given that she enjoys working in this field because it helps her guide and accompany people while they navigate through the difficult process of coping with and overcoming addiction. Her passion for being a helping hand doesn’t stop here as she is also a TMS certified technician and Phlebotomist.

During her spare time she enjoys watching Monster Jam shows, cooking and doing a wide range of physical exercises such as bike riding, hiking, running 5ks’ and sailing.

Given that she comes from a huge family, having four sisters and one older brother, Yesenia values family time and is devoted to her kids. She finds peace and thoroughly enjoys being a mom to her four boys, helping them learn through her actions on how to be the best version of themselves. One of the ways she sets an example for them is by spending some of their free time as a family helping eateries.

A fun fact about her? She went to Cerritos College and studied Culinary Arts & Criminal Justice for three years. For us, Yesenia is a certified Koolbeanz. She is a key part of our team and is a great example on how you can better yourself by being dedicated and devoted to helping others find their way!