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You have probably had a coach before in your life. Whether it was a soccer team, a cross-country club, or a math coach, mentors are an important part of growing and becoming a skillful person. What you may have never considered before is a recovery coach. This individual, also known as a Sober Coach, provides invaluable support for those who are trying to overcome their destructive behaviors. They serve as a life coach who helps recovering addicts choose healthy decisions over unhealthy ones, and have them set their number one goal as not picking up a drink or drug that day. Having a recovery coach is almost like purchasing insurance.

When to Bring on a Recovery Coach

Having a coach like this is beneficial for those exiting rehab, as some of the hardest time of getting back to normal is the 90 days following discharge from treatment. Familiar activities, locations, job pressures, and realities of life can be overwhelming and cause a relapse. This is where a recovery coach will intervene and be extremely helpful.

Sober coaches can also help provide a safe alternative to an otherwise treacherous path of early sobriety. They act as the bridge or the liaison between the inpatient treatment world and the external world. The functionality of a recovery coach is the daily enforcement of habits and behaviors that encourage a healthy lifestyle. They also serve as the connection between local recovery communities and external resources that will support their sobriety.

Creating Boundaries in Recovery

Recovery Coaches work daily with clients to encourage a healthy lifestyle by establishing new habits and behaviors. They also connect their clients with the resources in the local community that can support their sobriety. Other ways in which recovery coaches can be of benefit include, setting up 12 step meetings, outsourcing more therapy, introducing clients to a gym or yoga studio, and acting as a sponsor.

Furthermore, they can help set and create healthy boundaries in different aspects of your life. For example, they can guide you on how to respond to questions you may receive in the workplace, home, or amongst family and friends. By knowing what to say and what not to say, you can remain in charge of your privacy.

By identifying a good Recovery Coach, you are making an investment in your future. They lead by example and use past experience to help make sure you make the best possible choices. They are able to relate on a personal level with you, and connect mentally, spiritually, and physically. They help clients stay sober but show them how it can be done enjoyably. You can find an excellent recovery coach by a simple Google search, or by referral.

California Addiction Treatment

After you receive treatment with us at Asana Recovery, we can provide references and insight into the best possible fit for your Recovery Coach. Recovery Coaches will encourage you to continue implementing this throughout your sober journey, but you have to start with a path to sobriety. Call us at (949) 438-4504 to get started in one of our renowned treatment programs.