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Costa Mesa Alcohol & Drug Addiction Treatment Facility 

Located in beautiful Costa Mesa, California. Our first Asana Home is right near the beach and surrounded by rich “SoCal” culture. We give all our clients the promise that our home operates in a safe, caring, and positive environment. Our expert staff is consistently striving to provide a peace of mind for patients and their families during even the most difficult of times.

The Asana Way

The Asana Way is the core principle by which we work… and live. It forms the “blueprint” for how we treat our clients, work with our industry professionals, and engage our staff. Our mission is to provide a healing environment where our clients acknowledge and understand their addiction, embrace a lifestyle of productivity, and find the fulfillment that comes in serving others. Our vision is to inspire Costa Mesa rehab facilities where we can enjoy fulfilling careers and be of service to others. Our values as an organization are placed in the belief that we live what we teach. When you come to Asana Recovery for your addiction treatment, you can expect to see our core values in action.


ASANA Recovery Programs Are Individually Designed To Care For The Patients

Costa Mesa Detox

Alcohol and drug detox at Asana Recovery starts with licensed, professionals who will help you or a loved one through the challenging stage of detox. Find out more by clicking below.

Costa Mesa Residential Treatment

Our residential treatment facility, located in Costa Mesa California, is a safe and caring haven that encourages positive behaviors to lead you or a loved one to recovery. Find out more by clicking below.

Costa Mesa Outpatient

Learn more about how the outpatient programs at Asana Recovery are a critical component of a client’s rehab aftercare program, focusing on enhancing life skills and building healthy habits for continued success in recovery outside treatment.

“When we are no longer able to change a situation – we are challenged to change ourselves.”



As an organization, we are comprised of individuals who actively seek happiness and fulfillment in our lives. We believe that true happiness is rooted after rehabilitation resides in gratitude for what we have and the opportunities we are afforded, including the ability to truly help people on a daily basis. It is our goal to help our clients find fulfillment and be satisfied in their own lives.


We encourage our clients to maintain balance and sense of mindfulness in their lives . This means that we make every effort to help you develop a nonjudgmental state of awareness of your thoughts, emotions, and experiences in the past present and future. Mindfulness is the key to achieving a life balance, which is crucial for success of a long-term recovery.


Recovery in our luxurious Costa Mesa facility is our main objective. All members of our staff who are involved in your treatment program will work closely with you to help provide the best route towards a better life away from addiction.

“I came here a broken man, I left ready to face the world and am working a program and trying to the best of my ability to repay my stay here, and to the wonderful staff of counselors, therapists and chef and all the staff that helped me on my journey to sober living and a better life.”


“Asana Recovery changed my life and set me on the path to recovery. I am now 93 days sober. This is the longest I have been sober in years I am so grateful for the employees and owners. They were incredibly compassionate and even dealt with my occasional outburst. They showed me  the right path.”


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