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You can start your journey with a free consultation to help you decide between treatment types, therapy options, and whether you need extra support like pet care, daycare, detox, or dual-diagnosis programs. Our Joint Commission Accredited residential and outpatient treatment center is located in beautiful Costa Mesa, California, staffed with a large addiction treatment team of qualified and licensed staff, and we want to help. Call us at (949) 763-3440 to get started.

Drug Addiction Treatment at Asana Recovery

Asana Recovery offers inpatient and outpatient drug treatment from our treatment centers across Costa Mesa. Our focus on small treatment centers delivering home-like environments and care means you get a comfortable experience and stay, with high staff to patient ratios, and small group sizes to ensure you get the attention, one-on-one treatment, and customized care you need to get better.

Medically Assisted Detox in Costa Mesa

Detox is the process of medically monitoring and assisting the withdrawal process. Here, the medical staff at Asana monitor your drug withdrawal from the safety of our Orange County detox clinic. This always starts with a mental and physical exam which can include bloodwork, a review of your medical history, and a mental health assessment. Then, our physician will determine if you need a prescription to manage and ease withdrawal symptoms.

From there, Detox at our Costa Mesa center will include ongoing screening, 24/7 medical monitoring by our licensed nurses and consulting physicians, and ongoing support and help as you move through treatment. Often, this will include early therapy, emotional support from counselors and nurses, and early updates to your treatment program as we get to know you and your personal problems.

Even if you don’t move from our detox clinic into our inpatient or outpatient rehab center, the team at Asana Recovery highly recommend seeking out detox rather than withdrawing on your own. Withdrawal can be dangerous and difficult on your own, especially for amphetamines and opioids. It’s critical that you have ongoing medical support in case something does go wrong.

Drug Detox Timelines

Drug detox normally takes 3-14 days for most drugs. However, timelines vary per person, depending on whether you receive medication assistance with Suboxone, and on complications. With the expert medical staff at Asana Recovery to monitor your progress, offer medication where needed, and to ensure you’re moving through withdrawal as smoothly as possible; drug detox timelines should look something like this on average:

With medication assisted treatment, these symptoms can be significantly shorter, or you may not notice them at all.

Personalized Drug Treatment

Every patient at Asana Recovery receives a personalized drug treatment program, built around evidence-based treatment and therapy. This includes:

We also use complimentary therapies, which are intended to support the

And, of course, every program is punctuated with good, nutritious food, beautiful walks and hikes on the beach, and other light exercise programs to help your mind and body recover fully.

At Asana, we understand that every patient is unique, with their own unique problems, underlying causes of addiction, and behavioral responses. That’s why we update the drug treatment program as you go, ensuring your treatment remains relevant and that care progresses at a pace that works for you.

Residential Treatment / Inpatient Care

Asana Recovery offers inpatient or residential treatment across Costa Mesa. These facilities allow individuals who live in or near Orange County to attend treatment away from the triggers and stresses of life at home. Stepping into residential treatment allows you to focus all of your attention on recovery, treatment, and personal growth, without having to dedicate time to responsibilities, chores, and people at home. For those coming in from out of state, our residential treatment facilities mean you can stay with us, in one of our small, home-like treatment facilities, to get the full care, ongoing medical attention, and support you need.

Plus, with drug treatment facilities in Costa Mesa locations including Madison Ave, Pomona Ave, Johnson Ave, and Center St, we have conveniently located drug addiction treatment centers wherever you live.

Our Costa Mesa Drug Rehab also offers residential care. At this phase, you’ll receive different services, therapies and treatments to help with your recovery for the short-term as well as your future. The specific treatments you will receive are based on your history and individual needs. During this process, you will learn a lot about yourself.

You will gain an understanding of your triggers and addiction while being taught important life skills. The goal is to help you reach sobriety by using critical habits, skills and knowledge. This will help you remain sober long after you have left the treatment center.

Why Inpatient Care

Costa Mesa Intensive Outpatient Program

Residential treatment also allows us to offer medication-assisted treatment or MAT programs. Here, our consulting physicians can offer prescriptions for FDA-approved drug abuse treatment drugs such as Suboxone and Vivitrol. These drugs require monitoring so that we can ensure you only use them safely and according to the prescription, which is why we only offer them in our residential treatment program. We are, of course, fully Joint Commission Accredited for prescribing Suboxone.

Our Intensive Outpatient Program or IOP in Costa Mesa allows you to attend treatment and receive care and support from the comfort of your own home, from a sober living facility, or another place of your choosing. Outpatient care is ideal for individuals who are on a budget, who don’t need the fully structured support of inpatient care, or who have too many responsibilities at home to fully leave but who still need support. IOP is also often a good second step for individuals who have completed an inpatient program but who still need support. If you live in Orange County, outpatient treatment allows you to return to our facility a few times per week to continue receiving treatment.

Here, you’ll normally visit a treatment facility at least 3 times per week but sometimes daily depending on your program. In addition, you’ll have telehealth available to offer ongoing support. Most importantly, you still have access to behavioral therapy, group therapy, and counseling – but in a lighter program designed for those who can’t take the 30-90 days to stay with us in Costa Mesa.

Why Outpatient Care

The Asana Recovery Difference

At Asana, our Costa Mesa drug rehab is a luxurious treatment facility in Orange County, California. Asana offers numerous programs for lifetime sobriety, starting with medical detoxification and inpatient and outpatient treatment program options. Asana stands out for many reasons, including a compassionate and accomplished clinical, medical, and management staff.

At Asana, we understand the importance of maintaining the highest standards to ensure you receive effective care. The goal is to provide you with an environment in which you can heal by understanding your addiction. Our facility proves you with comprehensive and personalized treatment plans using both alternative and traditional methods to improve your chance of success. Learn more about Asana Recovery or call us today at (949) 763-3440.

Fully Accredited

Asana Recovery is fully accredited and licensed under national standards for addiction treatment and recovery. This includes CARF accreditation showing that we meet or exceed nationally recognized standards for addiction treatment. We are also Joint Commission Accredited for opioid treatment and opioid medication prescription. Additionally, we are licensed by the state board for operation in Orange County.

Asana Recovery uses a Biological, Psychological, and Social approach to addiction treatment. Here, we ensure that every patient, whether outpatient or a resident at one of our Costa Mesa facilities, receives a full spectrum of care. That means taking steps to reduce physical harm and discomfort, treating physical symptoms, treating psychological symptoms of drug abuse, behavioral problems from drug abuse, underlying behavioral and psychological problems, and taking the time to solve social problems in interpersonal relationships, socializing, and even sharing. This full-spectrum approach means we take the time to prepare you for a life outside of recovery, by working to hand you the tools to be mentally, physically, and socially healthy.

Why Do Addictions Occur?

Addiction often starts with individuals experimenting with alcohol or drugs. Unfortunately, it is easy to lose control as to how you use drugs or when you use them. Pressure in your job may have resulted in substance use in an attempt to cope with daily stress and struggles. Drugs may have become so important; you have lost control.

Regardless of the reason you started using drugs, there are available treatments to help you regain control over your life. Or Costa Mesa drug rehab provides the programs and treatment you need to become and remain sober for a bright future. The first step is the hardest because you need to admit you have a problem and ask for help. Once you have done so, Costa Mesa offers the ideal environment to achieve the path to sobriety.

Help For Addiction in Costa Mesa

You can find help for your addiction through all of the following resources offering 12-step programs.

Asana Recovery also works with the Costa Mesa SMART Recovery group. You can visit SMART’s Orange County website for additional resources here:

Costa Mesa Drug Rehab with Asana Recovery

Finding drug rehab in Costa Mesa is easy, there are over 100 rehab centers in the city. Asana Recovery stands out with a combination of small, home-like treatment centers, a large staff of caring and licensed professionals – chosen for their passion for helping others – and a truly personalized approach to treatment and recovery.

Asana Recovery offers individuals the most comfortable and safest treatment to achieve and maintain sobriety. The treatment you will receive is unique, based on the substance you are using, how long you have been addicted, your personal preferences, and if you have co-occurring disorders.

Although no two treatment programs are exactly the same, there are similarities in the process. The following steps are critical for both your health and the future.


The first step is often the hardest. To begin, contacting our Costa Mesa drug rehab to enroll. You are most likely hesitant, but the process of drug rehab admissions was created to be comforting and simple. Everything begins with just one phone call. We’ll offer as much help as we can during the early stages, including initial recommendations for inpatient or outpatient treatment.

We’ll also help you to determine if your insurance works with our program. While insurance is required, by law, to cover at least a percentage of addiction treatment, not every provider will cover every clinic. For that reason, you can ask about insurance, and we will help you look up your coverage during the call. For example, some provider plans do not cover out of network providers and you may have to check with your provider to see how much of inpatient care they cover. 


You can travel to our Orange County facility via car or by airport. The John Wayne Airport is a short, 10-minute drive away. If necessary, we’ll facilitate your arrival, ensuring you have a pickup and a safe drive to our treatment center. From there, you can check in and get started immediately.

Administrative Process

Once you have completed the administrative process, the staff ensures you are not bringing in any forbidden items such as weapons or drugs. This process is important because it ensures you receive the correct treatment for your unique needs while protecting the sobriety and safety of the staff and every patient.


You will be asked questions by the clinical and medical staff to determine your individual needs including the drugs you have used, when your addiction began and if you are aware of any mental health disorders. This is a critical step because your recovery plan is customized by the staff to maximize your chance for success. To make certain the center is meeting your needs, you will receive continual reassessments. This may include a physical assessment and even bloodwork.


You’ll move into your room in one of our facilities around Orange County. From there, you can get started with treatment, meet your peers, start attending complementary therapy, and otherwise get started.

How Long do Programs Last?

Most drug treatment programs last 30-90 days, depending on your mental and physical health, your history of treatment, and your preference. Some people prefer to go through several stages of shorter treatment or to move from a short residential drug treatment program to an outpatient one. If you’re unsure what you need or why, ask one of our staff during the consultation.


Why Drug Rehab in Costa Mesa?

When you go to seek out alcohol and drug rehab, you need a location that is private, calm, and away from the responsibilities of everyday life. Our beautiful residential treatment center in Cosa Mesa is the perfect place to do so. Not only does our location allow us to offer service to most of Orange County, it gives us a way to offer a retreat and a beautiful locale to anyone who walks through our doors.

The city of Costa Mesa is located at the center of Los Angeles and San Diego. Costa Mesa is a vibrant, exciting and eclectic city often referred to as the city of arts due to the extensive beaches, shopping, culture and fashion of Orange County. According to the Orange County Register, the city has a population of approximately 113,000 with 110 centers for addiction rehabilitation.

High Access to Medical Care

Orange County has one of the highest rates per-capita of addiction rehabilitation in California. That’s in part because it’s one of the top eight cities in Orange County for emergency hospital visits because of opioid overdose and one of the top 7 for opioid deaths. The city’s proximity to big cities also makes it an ideal place to get away from the big city, from professional concerns, and to seek out privacy. That proximity also means we have access to professional nurses, doctors, and therapists, with significant experience treating drug and alcohol addiction.

Conveniently Situated

Our rehab center is conveniently situated, 2 miles from the beach. We’re also just a 10-minute drive from the John Wayne Airport, and centrally located between San Diego and Los Angeles. That makes Costa Mesa an ideal place to seek out drug rehab, whether you live nearby, in California, or are flying in from out of state for treatment.

Sober Attractions

For everyone coming in for out of state rehab, it’s always difficult not to explore and see what else you can do while away from home. That’s especially true if you have family come out – either to participate in family or relationship therapy with you or to visit. Beautiful Costa Mesa is a wonderful place to visit, both because it has plenty of nearby sober attractions and also because it’s beautifully situated for hiking, exploring beaches, and experiencing the beauty of South California.

Getting Started with Drug Addiction Treatment in Costa Mesa

If you’re ready to get help for a drug use disorder, the staff at Asana Recovery are here to help. We can work with you to ensure you make the right decisions leading up to intake, help you settle things with insurance, and help you plan your trip to our facility. Once you get here, you’ll be welcomed into one of our Costa Mesa drug rehab facilities where you can move into detox, meet your peers, and get started with therapy.

Our program uses evidence-based therapy, an approach that takes physical, psychological, and social health into account, and a low patient-to-staff ratio so you have the most possible tools as you work towards recovery. Most importantly, we care that you leave our doors with everything you need to live a good life without alcohol, whether that’s physical health, good behaviors and coping mechanisms, or the ability to build and form a strong social network for support.

Our Locations

Located in the heart of Orange County, CA Asana Recovery’s homes help individuals find community and camaraderie while recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. 

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In the video, Olivia, a former addict, describes a typical day in a drug and alcohol rehab center, providing insights into the daily routine and activities in addiction treatment.

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