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Costa Mesa Drug Rehab

The city of Costa Mesa is located at the center of Los Angeles and San Diego. Costa Mesa is a vibrant, exciting and eclectic city often referred to as the city of arts due to the extensive beaches, shopping, culture and fashion of Orange County. According to the Orange County Register, the city has a population of approximately 110,000 with 102 centers for addiction rehabilitation. 

You will find one of the highest rates per-capita of addiction rehabilitation in California in Costa Mesa. This is one of the eight top cities in Orange County for emergency hospital visits related to opioids and one of the seven top cities for deaths from overdose. The high rankings are a reflection of the impact of substance abuse in modern society.

Why Do Addictions Occur?

Addiction often starts with individuals experimenting with alcohol or drugs. Unfortunately, it is easy to lose control as to how you use drugs or when you use them. Pressure in your job may have resulted in substance use in an attempt to cope with daily stress and struggles. Drugs may have become so important, you have lost control. 

Regardless of the reason you started using drugs, there are available treatments to help you regain control over your life. Costa Mesa drug rehab provides the programs and treatment you need to become and remain sober for a bright future. The first step is the hardest because you need to admit you have a problem and ask for help. Once you have done so, Costa Mesa offers the ideal environment to achieve the path to sobriety.

Help For Addiction in Costa Mesa

You can find help for your addiction through all of the following resources offering 12-step programs. 


Orange County AA Meeting Directory

Orange County Narcotics Anonymous

Orange County Cocaine Anonymous


Costa Mesa Drug Rehab Help

Finding drug rehab in Costa Mesa places you firmly on the path to empowerment and freedom. Asana Recovery offers individuals the most comfortable and safest treatment to achieve and maintain sobriety. The treatment you will receive is unique, based on the substance you are using, how long you have been addicted, your personal preferences, unique treatment programs and if you have co-occurring disorders. 


Although no two treatment programs are exactly the same, there are similarities in the process. The following steps are critical for both your health and the future. 




The first step is often the hardest. To begin, contacting our Costa Mesa drug rehab to enroll. You are most likely hesitant, but the process of admissions was created to be comforting and simple. Everything begins with just one phone call. 

Administrative Process:


Once you have completed the administrative process, the staff ensures you are not bringing in any forbidden items such as weapons or drugs. This process is important because it ensures you receive the correct treatment for your unique needs while protecting the sobriety and safety of the staff and every patient. 



You will be asked questions by the clinical and medical staff to determine your individual needs including the drugs you have used, when your addiction began and if you are aware of any mental health disorders. This is a critical step because your recovery plan is customized by the staff to maximize your chance for success. To make certain the center is meeting your needs, you will receive continual reassessments. 


Medically-Assisted Detox:


During the process of detox, all harmful substances are removed from your body. Our medically-assisted detox helps individuals within the safety and comfort of our detox center along with our medical staff. You will begin your treatment sober to ensure your slate is clean. You will receive guidance from the staff through your detoxification to make certain your detox is as comfortable and safe as possible. While you are in detox, you may begin certain therapies. Attempting to detox on your own can be dangerous and is not recommended. Detox with medical supervision is not only more comfortable and safer but your chance of succeeding is also significantly increased. 


Inpatient Care:


Our Costa Mesa Drug Rehab also offers inpatient care. At this phase, you’ll receive different services, therapies and treatments to help with your recovery for the short-term as well as your future. The specific treatments you will receive are based on your history and individual needs. During this process, you will learn a lot about yourself. 


You will gain an understanding of your triggers and addiction while being taught important life skills. The goal is to help you reach sobriety by using critical habits, skills and knowledge. This will help you remain sober long after you have left the treatment center. Some of the treatments you receive may include:

• Meditation

• Individual therapy

• Therapy for your friends and family

• Cognitive behavioral therapy

• Trauma resolution

• Biofeedback

• Beach, yoga and nature walks 

• Prayers meetings

• Self-love therapy

• Peer groups

• Music therapy

• Art therapy


Intensive Outpatient Programming


Intensive Outpatient Program or IOP is when you are living in a supportive home with others seeking recovery. You will go to the treatment center a few times every week to receive additional therapy. Depending on your situation, you may proceed to IOP after completing inpatient care. IOP enables you to test both the sobriety skills you have learned and yourself in a real-life atmosphere.

The Asana Recovery Difference

At Asana, our Costa Mesa drug rehab is a luxurious treatment facility in Orange County, California. Asana offers numerous programs for lifetime sobriety, medical detoxification and inpatient and outpatient treatment programs. Asana stands out from the others for many reasons including a compassionate and accomplished clinical, medical and management staff. 

At Asana, we understand the importance of maintaining the highest standards to ensure you receive effective care. The goal is to provide you with an environment in which you can heal by understanding your addiction. Our facility proves you with comprehensive and personalized treatment plans using both alternative and traditional methods to improve your chance of success. Learn more about Asana Recovery or call us today at (949) 763-3440