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Pet-Friendly Drug Rehab

As a leading addiction treatment provider in Orange County, Asana Recovery understands the importance and love that is shared between a pet and their owner. That’s why our individualized and tailored drug rehab programs offer pet-friendly options to assist you in your recovery from addiction to sobriety.

For many, our pets or “furry friends,” oftentime become our family. The thought of attending a drug rehab for a length of time and leaving a pet behind can be troubling and even deter an individual from getting help. Undergoing addiction treatment can be challenging, but having a pet to accompany you can make things easier and the transition smoother. Fortunately, Asana Recovery offers pet-friendly drug rehab options and your pet can remain with you instead of accompany you as you begin a new chapter of your life. Our dedicated addiction professionals will include your pet in your individualized treatment plan to help facilitate healing and growth. This can not only make a huge difference in the transitioning into drug and alcohol rehab, but also help alleviate the stressorss of transitioning out of a facility as well. 

Benefits of Pet-Friendly Drug Rehab

Pets provide unconditional love, which can be therapeutic. They won’t give you any shame surrounding your addiction. In recent years, pet-friendly drug rehabs have gained more popularity in response to scientific research and reasoning. Attending a pet-friendly drug rehab can make a huge difference in the transitioning into drug and alcohol rehab in addition to alleviating the stressors of transitioning out of a facility. Pets provide a multitude of benefits including the following:

Accountability & Self-Esteem

Having a pet requires a large amount of responsibility. Oftentimes, when individuals are in their addiction, priorities change, basic needs are not met, and feelings of self-worth depreciate. Pets can encourage and re-establish feelings of self-worth and competence. Since caring for a dog requires daily maintenance of caring, grooming, feeding, and physical exercise, having a pet by your side can help reiterate the impact of good decision making. The reliance of a pet depending on their owner can additionally help build feelings of self-esteem and trustworthiness, filling a sense of purpose that may have been drowned out by addiction.

Stress and Anxiety

According to a study from Washington State University, just 10 minutes playing or being around an animal can have a significant impact in reducing of stress and anxiety. Petting an animal is physically stimulating and can create a sense of peace and serenity. In addition, interacting with a pet can cause neurochemical changes in the blood by increasing levels of “feel good” chemicals such as oxytocin, serotonin, and reduce levels of cortisol.

Physical Health

When an individual is recovering from addiction, it’s important to not only recovery mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, but also physically. Exercise in general can help restore an individual back to physical health, boost serotonin levels and ultimately boost moods. No matter if it’s a daily walk with a dog, or playing with them, pets require exercise and can motivate us to get up and moving.

Emotional Health

Going through addiction treatment is challenging. A long day of individual or group therapy and processing past behaviors can be emotionally draining. Coming home to a wagging tail and a smiling face from your pet can turn around a stressful day and set the scene for a change in perspective. Our furry friends don’t care what we’ve done in the past or judge us, but offer us unconditional love and support when it’s needed the most.

Improve Not Only Your Life, But Also That Of Your Pets

When a person is ambivalent about going to treatment, they will provide any excuse to not attend. One common excuse is that there’s nobody to care for their pet. However, it’s common knowledge that addiction doesn’t just affect the person that’s abusing the substance, but engulfs each life around them – even animals. For those that attend a pet-friendly drug rehab, it not only improves the life of the individual, but it rearranges their priorities and allows a person to give attention to their pet that was once used on substances not being tended to while the person was using. This can ultimately create stronger bonds and help an individual become a better pet parent.

Pet-Friendly Drug Rehab in Orange County

At Asana Recovery, we provide luxury pet-friendly addiction treatment in Orange County. Located in the ideal location, our facilities are close to the beach and popular Orange County attractions including Sergerstrom Center for the Arts, Angels Baseball Stadium, and just minutes away from hundreds of 12-step meetings and support groups that take place each night of the week. 

Throughout a continuum of care, Asana Recovery offers Detox, Residential Treatment, and Intensive Outpatient Services to help oversee an individual’s transition back to a productive and sober lifestyle. Not having your pet by your side during this challenging and life changing time can be exactly what’s been preventing someone from getting sober long-term.

Contact us today about our pet-friendly drug rehab options, or start the process now by verifying your insurance, here.


WRITTEN BY: Mark Shandrow