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The journey to recovery begins with detoxifying both the body and mind. Our medically-assisted detox program provides safe and compassionate care, guiding you through this crucial first step toward a healthier, substance-free life.

What Is Medically-Assisted Detox?

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Patients Treated for Substance Abuse

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Characteristics of Our Orange County Detox Program

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Supervision by Consulting Physicians

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Testing and Continuous Screening

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24-hour Monitoring by Experienced Staff

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Evidence-based Withdrawal Symptom Care

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Medication To Support Detox

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4K+ Families Impacted

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94% Patient Approval Rating

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2K+ Clients Medically Detoxed

What Is The Typical Process for Medically-assisted Detox?

A young professional young through our screening process.


During your initial call, our compassionate staff will discuss your situation, verify your insurance benefits, and determine the best way to proceed with your treatment.

A patient shaking hands with his detox doctor.


Once your insurance benefits have been verified, we will promptly arrange for your admission. Please note: If you are currently under the influence of any substance, do not drive to detox. Instead, inform us, and we will assist in making safe transportation arrangements.

A patient getting his pressure checked.


The medical team will conduct a thorough examination to identify and anticipate the necessary requirements for the detox process.

Young woman taking her medication at detox.


The team will also provide necessary support during detox, which may include the use of medications to manage and ease withdrawal symptoms.

A young lady being treated by one of our detox specialists.

Symptoms During Medically
-assisted Detox Could Include:

How Do I Know if Treatment Is Covered by My Insurance?

A patient and his dad verifying their insurance benefits for detox.

Drug Detox Timelines

Drug detox typically lasts 3-14 days, but the timeline can vary depending on individual circumstances, medication assistance with Suboxone, and any complications.

At Asana Recovery, our expert medical staff will monitor your progress, provide necessary medications, and ensure you move through withdrawal as smoothly as possible. On average, drug detox timelines are as follows:

With medication assisted treatment, these symptoms can be significantly shorter, or you may not notice them at all.

A lady taking medication to combat withdrawals.

Clients Reviews

Scott Shaw
Scott Shaw
June 15, 2024
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Asana Recovery provided a compassionate and supportive environment for those seeking recovery from addiction. The staff were knowledgeable and dedicated to helping clients on their journey to sobriety. from personalized treatment plans to therapy sessions and educational workshops, the center offered a comprehensive approach to addressing addiction. The facilities were clean and comfortable, fostering a sense of safety and tranquility for individuals undergoing treatment. Overall, the rehab center played a crucial role in helping many individuals reclaim their lives from addiction'!.
Mayela Barrantes
Mayela Barrantes
April 21, 2024
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Asana was very kind to me during my rehabilitation process. Thank God I continued to stay sober and they helped a lot in this process.
Valentin Morales
Valentin Morales
April 20, 2024
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This is very difficult for me to write because this was my 4th treatment program. Today we celebrate 2 months sober. I have to thank mark and amber from the bottom of my heart for guiding me in this process. It was hard for me going back to inpatient treatment. As far as addiction treatment facilities go there are up front and honest and run a strict program but that is what I needed to be able to get sober this time around. The alcohol detox was rough this go around but it did help to have knowledgeable nurses to help. I can’t say anything bad about Asana. Thank you so much and I’m excited to join the alumni meeting !
Zatrox _ (Zatrox)
Zatrox _ (Zatrox)
April 20, 2024
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I was never supposed to be an alcoholic and addict since the age of ten years old, but here I am. The reason why I chose asana recovery was simple. I needed to start, yet, another try at sobriety. I came here and paid out of my own pocket which shows how incredible and amazing this place really is. There is no detox that compares to this. I felt wanted and important. I just wanted to thank every single person for making me feel that way. I wasn’t just a patient, I was a real person. No matter what it takes, you have to come here for detox to start the long journey back into a life of dignity and love.
Milena AB
Milena AB
April 19, 2024
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Hands down one of the best alcohol treatment facilities. I have been to one prior and this one was special. The therapist actually care and listen. I feel motivated and ready to stay sober this time. Thank you all for being so kind to me when I was broken.
April 18, 2024
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I really enjoyed my week of detox at Asana. The techs and the owner, Jonathan, went out of their way to make sure we were all comfortable, fed, and, above all, safe. You do get your phone taken away, BUT in this day and age, I found it refreshing to not have to be glued to a screen for connection. I made a couple friends I plan on connecting with after I left and it was probably due to being forced to interact face-to-face. Cheyenne, Frank, Ryan, Hunter (and a couple good ones whose names my poor drug-addled brain cannot come up with at the moment 😂) all went out of their way to not only make their group therapy sessions have substance, but you could tell they really cared. Gloria the case manager is simply amazing at what she does. She gave me resources to look into regarding my addiction I have found invaluable to me now, and she really has a good heart. There are outings like bowling or Boomers if you are medically-cleared, and even church on Sunday. If you need a detox, I would heartily recommend Asana.
Michael Eakins
Michael Eakins
March 22, 2024
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Great place nick is the best


We are committed to providing a comfortable and effective place for clients to get clean and begin their journey in recovery. Your recovery is our number ONE priority at Asana Recovery. Call us today.

Saving lives. Supporting families. Strengthening communities.

A young lady on her first day of detox in orange county.

What Happens After
I Complete Your Detox Program?

Once you complete the detox program, you have several options. While you can return to everyday life, we strongly advise against this due to the high risk of relapse.

Statistics show that 40-60% of individuals relapse within the first 30 days after leaving a drug and alcohol detox center, and up to 85% relapse within the first year. We recommend exploring our residential treatment in Orange County to significantly increase your chances of full recovery.

Alternatively, you may consider our less intensive programs, such as PHP in Orange County or IOP in Orange County, which allow flexibility for work or school. Placement into these programs depends on factors like the severity of addiction, mental health, and insurance coverage. Our staff will guide you through your options post-detox.

Can I Keep
My Detox Confidential?

Absolutely. At Asana Recovery, we understand that deciding to detox is a deeply personal matter. We respect your privacy and maintain a strict confidentiality policy.

Rest assured, your personal information is protected, and we do not disclose it to anyone without your consent. Your journey to becoming clean and sober will remain private and secure with us.

A medical detox doctor with a young lady as a patient.

Every Journey Begins
With a Single Step

Our Orange County treatment centers and medically-assisted detox programs support all stages of recovery. From the initial detox process to therapy and education in residential treatment, and finally, through outpatient treatment as you resume daily life, we are here to assist you every step of the way! Get in touch with us to start your new life!

Get started today

Start your recovery journey with us at Asana Recovery,  where we prioritize your well-being and provide a welcoming environment for you to heal. Don’t want to talk on the phone?

Get started today!

Start your recovery journey with us at Asana Recovery, 

where we prioritize your well-being and provide
a welcoming environment for you to heal.
Don’t want to talk on the phone?