Asana Recovery

Prepare For Admission

The Admissions Process​

Located in sunny, beautiful, Costa Mesa California, Asana Recovery is situated near the beach with rich culture in the surrounding area. We give all our clients the promise that or home is a safe, caring, and positive rehab environment operated to provide individuals and their families peace of mind during recovery.

As an organization we care about the responsible management of resources within the organization, community, and natural environment.

What To Pack

Speak To An Addiction Specialist

The Following Are Not Allowed At Asana Recovery

What Types Of Clothes To Pack

Asana Recovery has a dress code policy that is in place to encourage a positive atmosphere for healing and recovery. We recommend packing only basic wardrobe items, as storage space is limited. Laundry facilities will be available, and a week’s worth of clothing should be enough. Comfortable, easy-care clothes that do not require dry cleaning are recommended.


Asana Recovery provides complete, balanced meals prepared by trained chefs and nutritionists. Most outside food and drinks are discouraged because we promote a healthy diet by maintaining moderate sugar and caffeine consumption. Three meals a day, appropriate snacks, and beverages are provided to all residential clients.