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At Asana Recovery, we believe in providing a compassionate environment that supports each individual’s journey to recovery. Our team is dedicated to offering tailored care that understands the challenges of addiction, fostering a community where everyone is treated with dignity and respect.


Our Orange County rehab facility offers a comprehensive suite of addiction treatment services tailored to meet the individual needs of those struggling with substance abuse.

Situated in Orange County, California, we provide a serene and therapeutic environment ideal for recovery and healing.

Our programs are designed to address the entire spectrum of addiction, from initial detoxification to residential treatment and outpatient support, ensuring a holistic approach to recovery.


Pomona Ave Home

1730 Pomona Ave Suite 3, Costa Mesa,
CA 92627


Johnson Ave Home

3062 Johnson Ave, Costa Mesa,
CA 92626


Madison Ave Home

3073 Madison Ave, Costa Mesa,
CA 92626


Center Street Home

725 Center St, Costa Mesa,
CA 92627


Outpatient Facility

18101 Magnolia St, Fountain Valley,
CA 92708


Indian Wells Home

9612 Indian Wells Cir,
Huntington Beach, CA 


Most healthcare providers in California can provide support to a variety of services when rehab assistance is needed. At our Orange County rehab, these insurance assisted services include: 

Medically-Supervised Detox

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Options

Pet-friendly Programs

Outpatient Rehab

Inpatient Or Residential Rehab

Drug and Alcohol Detox Programs

Medication-Assisted Treatment

LGBTQ+ Rehab Options


It is no secret that there are a vast number of addiction treatment centers and other drug and alcohol rehab options throughout California. 

Each of the certified facilities in the state is designed to help individuals coming from all walks of life who may be suffering from a mild to severe drug or alcohol addiction.

There is an extensive network of tested and proven inpatient (residential) and outpatient treatment programs. However, it is encouraged for anyone who is considering treatment for themselves or someone they know to work with an addiction treatment professional. 

This is beneficial because there is no one-size-fits-all addiction treatment program, and by speaking to a specialist, they can create an individually customized and rehab treatment and therapy plan. Following the initial assessment and screening, obtaining the necessary past medical history is the next step.


Addiction treatment in Asana Recovery is comprehensive, focusing on recovery without the expectation that it should be as comfortable as a day at the spa, emphasizing effectiveness and the positive outcomes of treatment.

Yes, regardless of the substance involved—be it marijuana, heroin, cocaine, opioids, or other prescription drugs—there are treatment options available for all types of drug and alcohol addictions in Asana Recovery.

By becoming more and more popular, illicit drugs are now a primary concern for family and friends. This happens as the user continues to abuse a substance and harm themselves; their relatives often will naturally experience increased levels of anxiety as they worry about the user’s health. 

If you, a family member, or someone else you know is suffering from a substance use disorder in Southern California, there are countless options available when seeking treatment. It is crucial and encouraged to do proper research when looking for the right rehab center to check into based on the specific preferences and needs that may be required.
The unique approach to recovery that can be found by the caring staff at Asana Recovery in Orange County differs from the methods that can be seen used at other addiction treatment facilities in the area. The core values that we honor and take very seriously help guide how we achieve both our patients and treatment staff’s goals. Our fantastic team of doctors, therapists, and other staff members embrace each of our values and turn them into genuine life-changing experiences for each of our clients.

When in beautiful Southern California, the consistently warm and sunny weather plays a massive role in your recovery by helping those in treatment programs to focus on their recovery journey and achieving the ultimate goal of becoming sober. Recovery can be pretty intense and can prove, at times, to be a challenging process. There are also some benefits available as a bonus when receiving treatment for addiction in such a beautiful, relaxing, and peaceful setting. When someone has been suffering from a harmful addiction for quite some time, the peace and tranquility of this prime location ensure the right amount of focus that is needed to continue on the path towards a sober and healthy life. Contact us today at Asana Recovery in for more information on all of our industry-leading specialized Orange County rehab options. We consistently strive to offer each of our clients the golden opportunity to be able to start living life to the full and absolute fullest.



One of the most unique things about treatment at Asana Recovery is the commitment we show to our core values in the course of treatment. At the center of the “Asana Way” are our core values of gratitude, mindfulness, teamwork, stewardship and creativity.