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Luxury Amenities

At Asana Recovery, we believe that addiction is not a one-size-fits-all approach.

Our individual programming takes into consideration the complexities of addiction on the individual and family as a whole.

In a study published by the Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing, it was found that the most important aspect in the addiction treatment process was the alliance between a counselor and client. However, also vital to recovery was that the individual had a good connection with the drug rehab that they attended. If the connection was strong, they had a better association with recovery.

In choosing a program, it’s important for a person to consider the amenities and accommodations provided within the facility. In a person’s search, it’s crucial that the services provided will promote personal development, life skills, and other areas of one’s life to benefit for the long-term.

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Luxury Amenities at Asana Recovery

At Asana Recovery, our luxury treatment program offers a range of addiction treatment amenities to accompany traditional treatment therapies. Overall, we’ve found these activities help improve engagement and focus in treatment. Some of our amenities include:

Art Therapy
Disc Golf
Beach Volleyball
Huntington Beach Farmer’s Market Trips
Go Karts
Pier Fishing
Recovery Meetings at the Beach
Bike Rides
Hiking at Crystal Cove State Park

Art Therapy

As a holistic approach to treatment, art therapy helps clients find self-expression in a way that they may not be able to verbally. Typically, the goal of art therapy is to understand the underlying process related to substance abuse and addiction. Oftentimes, the art therapist or group facilitator will not only notice the art piece but the client’s thoughts and feelings behind the process. This type of therapy can help individuals also build self-esteem and lower depression and anxiety.


As a cardiovascular exercise that improves not only physical health, but emotional and spiritual, Yoga is a great activity to help find grounding and balance without the use of mind-altering substances. In addition, Yoga has been long used to relieve stress and calm the nervous system. More benefits include help with sleep, a greater sense of awareness, and according to a study by Harvard Health, decreased anxiety and depression.

Recreational Activities

Oftentimes, a common fear that individuals have when they get sober is that life will be boring. For most people who have entered rehab, their social activities most likely revolved entirely around drug and alcohol use. Boredom in recovery can be a huge stressor and even a trigger into relapse. In this sense, it’s paramount that individuals must find other ways to fill their time up. Finding leisure activities to enjoy and learning how to have fun without the use of chemicals can help serve as a great tool for teaching individuals how to achieve goals, solve problems, socialize sober, and handle stressful situations with their newfound life. Asana offers recreational activities including bowling, mini-golf, disc golf, and more.

Outdoor Recreational Activities

There’s no doubt that the therapeutic essence of nature can help connect a person spiritually. Between addiction, technology and the instant gratification of today’s world, nature can help clients slow down and gain perspective on a fast-paced life. In addition to slowing down, other benefits of outdoor recreational activities for addiction include reducing stress levels, increasing attention spans, and decreased anxiety and depression. Valuing the importance of slowing down and balancing our minds, Asana Recovery offers outdoor recreational activities and amenities that include hiking, beach walks, beach fires and more to heal from addiction.

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Finding Treatment with Luxury Amenities

When a person is searching for a drug rehab facility, the emphasis on finding one that has luxury amenities and accommodations often goes overlooked. Overcoming addiction means identifying the root cause of one’s use and processing uncomfortable feelings, behaviors, and traumatic issues. These issues are challenging enough as it is facing them away from the  comfort of your own home. Therefore it’s crucial to receive treatment where you feel comfortable and are able to participate in activities that can help relieve stress and decrease anxiety. 

In the initial phase of treatment, you’ll likely undergo a medical detox. During this phase, you may go through uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms including irritability, restlessness, and other discomforts. If you’re not happy with the facility you’re at, this discomfort can amplify itself in other aspects of your treatment and cause you to give up. Finding a facility that provides activities, amenities and luxury accommodations can help protect you against this. If the facility you’re at feels welcoming and comfortable, you’ll be more likely to participate in the real-time changes of your own life.

At Asana Recovery, we believe that taking part in an active and sober lifestyle can help you find enjoyment and pleasure, to ultimately find a more rewarding life. We give each client the opportunity to enjoy a number of activities and holistic therapies to accommodate their traditional treatment programming that includes individual therapy, group therapy, and family therapy.

No matter the activity, each is intended to help clients learn how to find new skills, interests, and activities that they enjoy in a sober and structured environment that they can take with them and apply to everyday life as they find long-term recovery.

Orange County Luxury Addiction Treatment

Asana Recovery provides a full continuum of care for those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. Our Orange County drug rehab facilities are pet-friendly and our luxury accommodations help provide recovery for life. If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction and looking for a facility to restore hope, strength, and long-term sobriety give us a call today at 949-763-3440 or fill out the form below.