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Relieve Stress in Addiction 

Going through drug or alcohol treatment is a huge process. It can take days or weeks to detox and you could spend months in an inpatient treatment. Afterward, you dedicate time and energy to continuing counseling and group meetings in hopes of maintaining sobriety.

All of these things work immensely in support of your sobriety. Additionally, it is important that you continue to stay positive as you move forward. There are several tips that can help you stay sober long-term. These are tasks that can easily be incorporated into your daily living without any major adjustments.

Take care of yourself

Although this may seem extremely obvious, it is often something we neglect to do as we battle addiction. It is important that we eat healthy, exercise, and practice good hygiene regularly. Take time for yourself. Enjoy a movie or a quiet night alone with a good book. Go for a walk or just simply do something that is healthy for the mind, body, and soul.

Hang out with people that support you

You may love the people you associated with prior to entering rehab, but they may not necessarily be the best influences for you now. If they have not made the choice to enter treatment, they may not be the best individuals to support your decision. This could lead to unwanted temptation and it could very well undo all of the progress you have made. It is crucial that you find individuals that support you and all that you have done for yourself. Having this type of positive influence in your life will help you stay on the right path long-term.

Practice Meditation

Overcoming addiction is a very large task. Recovery can lead to feeling anxious, restless, or feeling unproductive. Incorporating meditation into your daily routine, even for a couple minutes at a time, can help put your mind at ease. If you never meditated before, consider downloading an app to get started. Including a meditation session in your morning routine can help you clear your mind, focus your energy appropriately, and help you maintain a positive outlook.

Get a hobby

If you have a lot of downtime, it is important that you fill this void with healthy and positive activities. Finding a hobby you love will help you stay on your path toward sobriety. Communities across the country offer cooking classes, art and creation meetings, or even book clubs. It is important that you find something you can do and love doing so you continue using it as a positive outlet for many years to come.

At Asana Recovery, we help addicts find hobbies and activities they are passionate about. We offer outdoor physical fitness programs, art, and music therapy, and even help individuals with meditation and yoga.

Finding a safe and healthy alternative to drug use will improve your chances of recovery and drastically help in maintaining long-term sobriety. If you are not sure how to get started, contact our trained professionals at (949) 438-4504 to see what we can do for you.