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Beware of Marijuana Scams on Instagram


In a recent interview with High Times, Ngaio Bealum (@ngaio420), a writer, comedian, and marijuana expert recently explains how he connects with the California weed industry through his Instagram posts. However, what Bealum did not know is that he was being tapped by a bunch of clever scammers as a result. According to the comedian, he received a ton of pictures showing him holding huge bundles of marijuana. Also of him sitting on a farm (a typical piece of media on his account). However, sometime last week, one of his friends sent him a pic (from an Instagram account) that showed Bealum and some friends as the main photo. In fact, 12 images from Bealum’s account had been transferred to the imposter’s. Simply put, the situation was dangerous. It was also foolish. Let’s take a closer look at how you can keep yourself safe from marijuana related scams on Instagram.

One of Thousands

Disturbingly, what has happened to Ngaio Bealum has been happening to thousands of people across the multi-sharing platform. This spans from renowned celebrities to notable figures in the marijuana industry. Over time, social media has become a hub for identity theft, scams, and other dangerous activities. On Instagram, scammers are using the faces of pro-cannabis icons to conduct fake drug deals. Most of the people who suffer from these scams are individuals who are seeking marijuana (not for bad reasons all the time).

After the incident was brought to his attention, Bealum contacted Instagram employees and posted a screenshot of the scammer’s profile. Likewise, he urged his followers (57,000, to be exact) to repost and report, as well. As part of his gameplan, Bealum hoped Instagram would be pressured enough to take action. Luckily, this ultimately happened. Within several hours, the social media platform removed the phony account.

Problem with Pot

According to the fake Instagram bio, the user provides Top Cali packs and distributes drugs inside and outside the state (highly illegal, given the situation in our country). So what was the first major indicator that this account was fake? The scammer used the word “discrete” to describe their actions. By this way, this should have been spelled “discreet.”

Meanwhile, Lynn Thomas (@greengoldfarms), a member of Green Gold Farms in San Diego, has confirmed that she has seen dozens of cases where Instagram users have been scammed. All of this due to phony marijuana sales.

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