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Marijuana has been used for thousands of years.  Historians’ best guess is that the plant was first cultivated in Asia approximately in 550 BC.  It was first used merely for medicinal use and not for some mind-altering substance. Also, because hemp plants grew very quickly and easily and were fibrous, the plant was used to make fabric and rope. It has been consumed in various forms over these years.  People used to inhale the smoke of burning leaves and seeds. The plant was also made into liquid form an drank as a tea. People would also merely stick a wad of the leaves in their cheeks and chew on it all day in order to feel the effects of the THC drug that creates the high.  But over the last few decades, there have been innovative and changing ways to use marijuana.

The traditional way to ingest marijuana, at least in the modern sense, is to roll dried portions of the plant into joints and smoke it like a cigarette.  That is the most common way to this day as well. A new way to smoke marijuana is to use a vaping device.  Vaping uses a small machine that fits in the hand and you fill it with a THC concentrate.  The machine fuses the concentrate with vapor (not smoke) in order for it to enter the lungs and thus the bloodstream, allowing one to feel high.  Although vaping marijuana concentrate may eliminate the unhealthy aspect of smoke from the equation, it does create more a more dangerous scenario other than just smoking.  With vaping, the person could get a higher concentration of the THC chemical and experience a stronger and longer-lasting high. This experience can create a stronger and stronger need for the drug and thus an addiction.

Ingestible oils are another newer way to use marijuana.  These oils contain the THC chemical and when ingested directly or when mixed with food, the chemical enters the bloodstream through the digestive tract, which can be a slower way to get high.  This category also includes tinctures, which is a cannabis extract that is fast acting because it is dropped into the mouth, more commonly under the tongue, and will enter the bloodstream much more quickly than ingesting marijuana.

The last newer way to use marijuana is by using dabs or dabbing.  Dabs is where a concentrated form of oils is extracted from marijuana by using other chemicals to burn the oil out.  These dabs are also referred to as wax and budder. The danger with dabbing is that this method of creating the oil makes the concentration of THC significant.  Thus, once again, the risk of becoming addicted is high. Further, the method of making the dabs uses chemicals that could cause an explosion if not done correctly.  Also, if this type of process is done at home and under amateur conditions, there is no telling what type of chemicals remain in the oils and the quality of the product is suspect at best and dangerous to your health at worst.

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