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Many chronic diseases involve high rates of relapse. For example, research indicates that 30-50% of those suffering from the chronic disease of Type 1 diabetes will experience a relapse and that 50-70% of people with hypertension or asthma will experience a relapse.

With a relapse rate of 40-60%, the chronic disease of substance addiction is in this same position. While a relapse should not be considered a treatment failure, the experience can be demoralizing. It is worthwhile to understand the factors that put someone at a greater risk for experience a relapse after treatment.

Naturally, the precise cause or causes of a relapse will vary from person to person and situation to situation. The following, noncomprehensive, list includes only some of the more commonly cited factors:

– Arguments with family, friends, or other loved ones

– Experiencing a sudden tragedy

– Physical discomfort

– Peer pressure or socializing with other users

– Intense cravings or strong urges to use

– Believing that a single use will not lead to a relapse

– Negative emotional states like stress, anxiety, or depression

– A desire to increase or maintain a positive emotional states

While some of the risk factors may be subject to individual control, others are unavoidable. If a relapse does occur, it is important to communicate openly and seek help immediately.

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