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For the past couple of months, the United States has kept its proverbial eye on Missouri and will continue to keep a tight hold on the state this Election Day. Why is this so? According to sources, the Show-Me-State is living up to its name by showing us some elements of its ballot that, quite frankly, are a little too bizarre to imagine. In fact, the public has claimed that the upcoming vote for marijuana will be the most self-contradictory and complicated issue yet and could ultimately make history this election. When you lay the cards on the table, marijuana legalization has stood on a shaky leg for years, given current legal regulations. However, what is Missouri doing to ensure the drug could have a chance in 2019? Let’s take a closer look at some facts about cannabis laws in Missouri.

Manifest Destiny

Situated in the southwestern portion of the Midwest, Missouri is a populous state (containing 6 million residents) that serves as a metropolitan hub and cultural melting pot. At one point, Missouri served as a gateway for westward expansion and exploration, permanently memorialized by the iconic Gateway Arch. In fact, the Pony Express, California Trail, Oregon Trail, and Santa Fe Trail all started in this state. Music fans will also appreciate Missouri as the birthplace of ragtime, Kansas City jazz, and St. Louis Blues. Likewise, food lovers will recognize Kansas City barbeque and St. Louis barbeque as two cooking techniques that started right in the heart of St. Louis. Of course, fans of the House of Mouse will instantly recognize Missouri as the childhood home of Walt Disney.

One, Two, Three!

At this time, Missouri has not legalized medical and recreational marijuana, but many advocacy groups have continued to push for its legalization. In fact, Missouri was the 19th U.S. state to decriminalize cannabis possession and to decrease sentences for distributors of the drug.

However, Missouri is currently holding the record for the most bizarre voting ballot. As of today, voters can choose to vote for Amendment 2, which would alter the state constitution to permit medical marijuana prescriptions. Still, the situation gets tricky with Amendment 3, which would instigate a 15% tax on cannabis. Even more confusing, Proposition (Missourians for Patient Care) would permit doctors to prescribe cannabis and would instigate a 2% tax on the drug. Can you see why people are confused?

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