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When you take a good look at the marijuana debate in the United States, you will clearly see that California has pretty much been the trailblazer for the legalization of the drug. Since 1996, the Golden State has permitted the use of medical marijuana and recently allowed recreational use for the drug. Despite all the celebrations of international marijuana day (420) and the support, California does hold a secret in the statewide political circuit. According to recent reports, while the drug is legal in the state, some Californians appear to be holding fast to one policy: NIMBY (Not in My Back Yard). Let’s see why cannabis is not receiving all the support reported in the news.

First, Some Statistics

In the California: The Golden Opportunity document, Arcview projected that Californians will spend approximately $9.2 billion on marijuana or marijuana-infused products in 2018. Overall, this market research has revealed that this massive number will be counterbalanced by $3.7 billion in legal expenditures. Meanwhile, by 2021, adults living in California will spend a total of $7.7 billion on medical and recreational weed combined.

The Secret of NIMBY

While you may think these numbers show a promising future for the pot industry, Arcview is less than enthusiastic about these statistics. In contrast to national expenditures on the drug, these figures show that Californians will be spending less on marijuana than users in other states. In other words, the Golden State is behind in the market. Why is this happening in the wake of so much support from the West Coast?

One problem for the marijuana industry is the nationwide NIMBY issue. While states might legalize the drug, counties and smaller divisions will still have local control over weed. In other words, smaller portions of states can still prohibit marijuana, and California is following suit with its “Not in My Back Yard” policy.

One county that has been nearly ripped down the middle in the marijuana debate is Calaveras County, in the middle of California. Initially, county leaders had permitted production of the drug within their boundaries. However, once local farmers had started investing large chunks of money (millions, in fact) to the pot industry, lawmakers slammed down the red bar, effectively banning the drug again.

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