Asana Recovery

Adam Shandrow


When he’s not spending time with his wife and children or building a new piece of furniture, you can find Adam managing the operations, compliance and staffing as the COO of Asana Recovery. 

A typical day for Adam involves morning meetings with the Operations team, Clinical team, and Leadership team to go over all of the day to day activities and make decisions on what needs to be done. He works with them to identify what is working well, and what isn’t and how it can be addressed and improved. He then spends the rest of his day reporting to the accrediting bodies, updating licenses and working on projects that will help the business grow and be a defining force in the industry.

Adam was led to work in this field due to a long history of providing services to others, so it was an opportunity to bring all of his past experience together and still be able to be of service to others. He loves that the industry is still a young industry, so there is a lot of opportunity to bring innovation and growth, which can have a huge impact on the individuals that come to Asana Recovery. He loves getting to see a client come in at their lowest, and see them invigorated by life by the time they leave. He uses his strengths of understanding all of the regulations and compliance issues that regulate this industry and building systems to track and manage all of the moving parts for his position. He also specializes in recruiting and screening staff members to fit with in our culture. 

The most inspiring part of his job is seeing the clients graduate from the program with a new lease on life and getting to understand the true meaning of happiness and mindfulness.

Adam started his career working for a large treatment provider prior to Asana Recovery, where he was in charge of the facilities and community impact. This included generating awareness and dispelling the myths of Not in My Back Yard.

When he’s not working, he enjoys spending time with his wife of 18 years and his three teenage children. He loves opportunities to learn more through traveling and hearing of other’s stories. He also enjoys flying and has been working on his pilot’s license for the past few years. If he could travel anywhere in the world, it would be to Saigon in Vietnam. He has previously been to Hanoi, but would love the chance to see southern Vietnam and try more amazing food, meet great people, and enjoy the weather. When he has time, he also loves taking on new projects, like building furniture. 

Adam takes a lot of inspiration from Elon Musk. He admires how much ambition he has and how he refuses to accept the norm.  He believes in science, art and the advancements of the human race.  He preaches and practices evolution, which is something Adam admires. 

When we asked him to describe himself in three words, Adam’s answer was honest, reliable, and earnest. This is exactly how those around him view him, and what makes him such a great part of our team!

His advice for anyone looking into working in this field is to have an extreme amount of patience and empathy. He believes to work with individuals in recovery, you need to be able to listen, without providing advice and you need to be able to show empathy and sympathy even if what you are hearing is completely crazy.