Adam started his career in addiction treatment and recovery in 2015 when he realized that he could apply his more than 10 years experience in workforce development and helping match individuals with the right organization to the addiction treatment setting. In addition to workforce development, Adam also developed expertise in facilities and property management, and he was able to call on all of his knowledge and experience in helping to develop and expand the services of other residential treatment facilities in Southern California. Before starting his career, Adam earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the College of Liberal Arts at California State University, Long Beach.

Adam’s long record of community service includes working as an adviser to and public speaker for numerous non-profit agencies, community-based organizations, and both state and federal agencies, including the United States Department of Labor. He served two terms as Chair of the California State Rehabilitation Council, which works in partnership with the California Department of Rehabilitation to ensure that all Californians with disabilities are represented, informed, and empowered, and receive appropriate individualized services toward the goal of obtaining meaningful employment opportunities.

As Chief Operating Officer at Asana Recovery, Adam is responsible for overseeing the establishment and expansion of our residential treatment programs, staff management, and daily operations, always striving to ensure that our services are provided at a level above and beyond the industry norm—so that everyone who comes to Asana for treatment will be provided the tools to achieve real, lasting recovery.