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Five Areas in the United States That are Ideal for Growing Weed


Let’s just say that Halloween isn’t the only big holiday right now. At least for some people. During the month of October, hundreds of home growers and private farmers across the United States are celebrating the season of #Croptober. This is a very special time for aficionados across the country. Starting on October 1, millions of fragrant marijuana buds ripened, and producers spent the first day of the month cutting, drying, and preserving their precious crop. By Christmas, these farmers will have gathered an unbelievably massive stock of these mind-altering plants. This may make you wonder how the power of the oils doesn’t affect passersby. Still, have you ever wondered where these plants grow the best in our country? Here is a look at each place in the United States that are considered best to grow weed.

Northern California

Dubbed the Emerald Triangle due to its rich, beautiful, and rugged terrain, Northwestern California tops the list as a best place to grow weed. Likewise, this region boasts a temperate Mediterranean climate and steep mountains (similar to the Burgundy region of France, where fine wines are grown). State officials estimate that the Triangle annually produces 1.7 million pounds of cannabis. Overall, this area is a leader in outdoor farming.


Second in the production of indoor cannabis, Washington has split down the middle in terms of growing capabilities. Areas near Seattle are shady and damp due to heavy rain. This means producers have to foster sativa plants and hybrids that generally flower early. East of the Cascades, sunlight is much more prominent. Nevertheless, Washington still benefits from dark, nutrient-rich soil and a supply of fresh water. In October 2017, the state cultivated 90,000 pounds of the crop.


The 4th largest producer of indoor marijuana in the country, Oregon has less restricted laws for cannabis farming and has shown enthusiasm for entering this industry. While farmers suffered from a sharp descent in prices, Oregon produces $50 legal ounces (80% cheaper than the legal ounces produced in California in 2017).


Overall, the East Coast of the U.S. does not provide ideal outdoor growing conditions for marijuana, but Maine provides ideal environments for indica and hybrids (which can be harvested earlier than sativa). The state contains nutrient-rich soil and a supply of fresh water that can support growth, as well. Likewise, adults living in Maine can grow marijuana at home (to avoid these problems).


In Kentucky and Tennessee, growing marijuana is still 100% illegal. While conservatives are attempting to legalize the drug at this time, the states have still managed to produce 4.6 million pounds of weed (cultivated outdoors) and export the crop to the East.

Overall, Florida provides an ideal growing environment for cannabis. While local crops suffer from intense heat and moisture, the nutrient-rich soil and beautiful sunshine support the growth of marijuana. At this time, Florida is the 3rd most important producers of cannabis that is grown indoors.

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