Asana Recovery

Jonathon Hagen, CADC-II

A picture of Jonathon Hagen our executive director at Asana Recovery.

Executive Director

Jonathon Hagen is an accomplished healthcare professional specializing in addiction treatment, with over six years of industry experience. He has successfully held key roles such as Program Director, Group Facilitator, and Case Manager, where he led comprehensive management and leadership efforts that significantly impacted individuals seeking recovery from substance abuse.

Jonathon currently serves as the Executive Director for Asana Recovery, overseeing the entire spectrum of management, leadership, and overall direction of the facilities. He holds an Associate’s degree from Saddleback College and a CADC-II credential. Outside of his professional endeavors, Jonathon enjoys spending time with his wife and two children and pursues active hobbies like mountain biking, bodyboarding, and snowboarding.