Asana Recovery

Linda In Facilities Director

Project Manager

Linda has a long history with the two co-founders of Asana Recovery, Mark and Adam, and considers them her mentors. They began their professional relationship working together in real estate. When Mark and Adam decided to open an addictions treatment centre, Linda wanted to join them, getting her start at Asana Recovery.

She says that working in the addictions industry is extremely eye opening to the epidemic and she is happy to contribute to the lives of people who come to the facility; “Seeing our clients leave our facilities in much better condition is truly gratifying.”

As a student transitioning to California State Dominguez this fall, Linda is pursing a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration after completing a 3 year degree from Los Angeles Harbor College. She likes to keep busy and enjoys being under what she calls “good stress”. She says “I love what I do therefore it never feels like work. I love the people I work with which is icing on the cake.”

Linda is a Project Manager at Asana Recovery and is responsible to the oversight of day-to-day operations and functions. She works to stay in compliance with contracts, policies and procedures. Her other responsibilities include managing key client projects and reporting to upper management of program progress.

Being a mom of three keeps Linda very busy and she says that being a mom is her special skill. Her eldest attends San Francisco State, her middle child is heading to U.C. San Diego this fall, and her little one is in a magnet program. She is very involved in softball and baseball with her family and likes to take them hiking. When she has a moment to herself, Linda enjoys rollerblading and going to the beach.