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Over 20 million people in the United States are battling substance abuse addiction. Of those, only about 20% typically seek treatment to overcome addiction. But addiction is a highly treatable disease and you can come out on the other side a healthier and happier person. Drug and alcohol addiction take a severe toll on every aspect of your life. It can take its toll in a variety of ways. It can wreck your physical health, but it can also have a profound impact on your emotional health. It can ruin your finances and your career goals. It can destroy relationships and erode trust with loved ones. Substance addiction can also take a severe toll on your friends and family as they watch the person they love cause themselves both physical and emotional harm. Whether you are battling alcohol addiction, drug addiction, or both, Asana Recovery Center helps you take control of both your physical and emotional health through a highly effective detoxification and rehabilitation process. We recognize that addiction often has roots in earlier life trauma and work with each individual to determine the path that will lead to success in your individual case. The most important step is the first one. Contact Asana Recovery Center today to find out about the treatment options that are available and find the one that is best for you.

What is Detox?

The first, and most critical step in overcoming substance addiction is the detoxification process. Detoxication, or detox, is the first step to becoming sober and is a critical element of recovery in our Orange County detox facility. Detox is not a form of rehab itself but is very important as the initial phase in any client’s treatment plan. It is the period when all forms of drug or alcohol consumption stop, and the body rids itself of these substances. During this time, an individual will likely experience withdrawal symptoms, which may include mild to severe physical and psychological effects. For some “users” detox can be a serious and dangerous period, which is why it is important to control the withdrawal process. Only experienced professionals monitor and assist with detoxication in a safe and well-equipped environment. It is important to understand that the detox process alone will not be enough to stop long term substance abuse. Detox is only the first step toward long term recovery. Many “users” have attempted to quit using on their own and been driven back to substance abuse by the withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms are unpleasant and can even be painful, but they signal the beginning of a healthier and happier life on the other side of substance abuse. The trained staff at our Orange County detox facility can assist you in managing the symptoms of withdrawal and provide effective coping mechanisms to minimize the amount of pain and discomfort you feel. Contact our trained professionals at (949) 438-4504 anytime 24/7 to discuss getting on the path to sobriety.

What To Expect During The Detox Process

Once you make the important decision to fight against your substance addiction and call our trained staff, the intake process begins. During your initial call, our compassionate staff will discuss your situation and determine how best to proceed with your treatment. After the screening process and once the decision is made to bring the client into our Costa Mesa detox center, the medical team will complete an exam to determine and predict what might be needed during the detox process. This can include blood work, review of the client’s medical history and other tests to check their physical and mental health. The team will also provide for any needed detox support, which may include the use of medication to manage and ease withdrawal symptoms

Sometimes an individual will need more assistance through the detox process. When an individual stops using drugs or alcohol, their body (and mind) will go through a withdrawal process – a period when the body reacts to the removal of the substance/s that it has become accustomed or adapted to. Simply put, the body has become dependent on the substance. In general, when a person has become dependent (needs to use in order to feel “normal”), chances are pretty good that detoxication is needed. Assisted detox is a process where a trained team oversees a person’s detox in a licensed facility, administers appropriate medication and provides 24-hour monitoring of the individual. The withdrawal symptoms of detox can last for days or weeks, depending on the substance involved, and can be dangerous or even life-threatening. Assisted detoxication is always advised if an individual’s safety may be in question during the detox period. This can be determined by doing a thorough medical history and examination. Detox is also recommended if the symptoms of withdrawal are so severe that a person is driven to keep using to alleviate the pain or severity of withdrawal symptoms.

Symptoms During Detox Could Include:

  • Headache Or Body Aches
  • Insomnia Or Problems With Sleep
  • Anxiety Or Nervousness
  • Depression And Suicidal Tendencies
  • Insomnia Or Sleep Problems
  • Shakiness
  • Nausea And Vomiting
  • Erratic Blood Pressure
  • Heart Palpitations
  • Seizures
  • Hallucinations
  • Delirium Tremens (DTs)

Residential Care

Residential treatment is a highly recommended next step after detox for those who are able to devote the time. Addiction treatment is about more than just ridding your body of its dependence on drugs Addiction essentially rewires the brain in three different ways. First, addiction causes your brain to crave drugs or alcohol. Second, it hijacks the brain’s normal ability to control whether or not you use drugs or alcohol. Third, addiction forces your brain to continue using drugs or alcohol despite the consequences they cause in your life and in your body. The detox process only addresses removing all traces of drugs or alcohol from your body. After the detox process is complete, treatment is necessary to rewire the brain to no longer crave drugs or alcohol. Residential treatment in our Orange County Treatment Facility can run anywhere from 28 to 90 days, depending on the needs of the individual. Every person’s addiction journey is different, so everybody’s treatment will be slightly different. In residential treatment you will typically attend individual sessions with one of our therapists as well as group therapy sessions with others in the rehab program. Our licensed therapists are highly trained in addiction recovery. Some of them have even gone through addiction recovery themselves. They understand your battle and are there to walk you through every step of this journey. Your treatment will also include addiction education, medication management, life-skills training, activity-based therapy and onsite health and wellness activities. Addiction impacted every are of your life. The residential treatment program at our Orange County Treatment Facility is designed to address all of the areas of your life and teach you how to move forward without using drugs or alcohol. While you are in our residential treatment facility, you will have the opportunity to relax in our luxurious rehabilitation center. The facility was designed to maximize comfort and convenience. You will be provided a furnished room, all meals, supplies, transportation and activities. As you focus on working through your journey out of addiction, you won’t have to worry about the normal distractions of everyday life. The center’s chef works with a nutritionist to provide three healthy meals per day, plus snacks. While you are in our facility you will have access to on-site medical staff to help guide you through your addiction recovery. You will also have access to a variety of amenities such as high-speed Internet, cable TV, Netflix and other entertainment channels. You can also enjoy supervised low intensity exercise and meditation sessions to help clear your head and rejuvenate your body. Our residential treatment facility is designed to provide you with a safe, comfortable, engaging environment as you work to combat addiction. 

The Final Step – Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient treatment is the third step in the addiction recovery process. Outpatient treatment is not intended to be used as a replacement for residential rehab. This step is intended to follow detox and residential treatment as a step down from the highly structured life in residential treatment toward the resumption of life outside of the treatment center. During outpatient treatment, you can live at home and resume your work life. You will attend individual and group therapy sessions throughout the week as well as off-site support group sessions. All of these can be customized to fit into your daily life.

Will Treatment Be Covered By My Insurance?

Our facility accepts most insurance plans, but it is always best to contact us to find out what your specific health plan covers and what is required. Health insurance can be confusing, and when you are struggling with addiction, it can be doubly hard to navigate the insurance labyrinth. We have admission counselors available to assist you with determining what insurance and payment options are available to you. 

The First Step is the Most Important. Contact Us Today.

Studies have shown that the longer an individual stays in treatment, the more successful their long term recovery will be. Desire to change can start the recovery process, but education and therapy are what will sustain your recovery far into the future. The Orange County Treatment Center provides programs and support for all stages of your recovery, from the beginning detox process, to therapy and education in residential treatment, all the way through resuming your daily life with outpatient treatment. This journey begins with a single step. Call and speak to our counselors today to begin your road to recovery.

Orange County Detox Services

  • At Asana Recovery
  • Safe And Secure Environment
  • Supervision By Consulting Physicians Throughout Detox
  • Testing And Continuous Screening
  • 24-Hour Monitoring By Trained And Experienced Staff
  • Evidence-Based Withdrawal Symptom Care
  • Medication To Support Detox

Remember, successful detox is the first important step in recovery from addiction, but it needs to be followed with an appropriate rehabilitation program. Asana Recovery can provide you or your loved one with both.