Asana Recovery

Misty Ashby Senior Case Manager

Senior Case Manager

Misty Ashby grew up listening to punk rock and goth music. And, the Senior Case Manager at Asana Recovery is not ashamed to admit she still loves listening to “the old stuff from the 80s.”

She’s also not ashamed to admit she has her own story of addiction, which has led her to this work in the recovery field. “I struggled with addiction and homelessness for 19 years,” she says. “The freedom I have found through being clean is something I want to share with others.”

“It is an amazing feeling seeing individuals when the light comes back to their eyes and their souls restored,” Misty says.

A graduate of InterCoast College in Riverside, CA, Misty likes to draw and go to amusement parks. She also enjoys movie nights at home with her husband, son, and two dogs and takes pride in watching her son do Taekwondo.