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Marijuana might not be one of the most dangerous drugs on the planet, but, despite all the positive media attention it has received over the years, the little green plant is never the best choice when it comes to partying and hanging out. Just ask Swae Lee. Recently, the rapper dabbed a bit of weed and, as it turned out, the weed concentrate had more of a kick than he was looking for. After inhaling the vapors, Lee choked and coughed, before (ultimately) collapsing to the floor. So what specifically transpired that resulted in this issue (which, unfortunately, was filmed and shared on social media)? Let’s take a closer look and find out why Rapper Swae Lee collapsed after indulging in some marijuana.

Risky Business

Unlike smoking, dabbing can be a particularly risky and nasty practice, considering that marijuana extracts and oils (including shatter and budder) contain twice the amount of THC than flowers and buds, given the extreme cooking process. Rapper Swae Lee, unfortunately, proved this fact correct when, recently, he was hanging out with fellow rapper and tourmate Whiz Khalifa. After taking part in some hard partying, Lee found more excitement than he had originally planned.

Part of the due Rae Sremmurd, Lee was featured in a video (posted by World Star Hip Hop, an entertainment group) leaning headfirst over a dabbing rig and guzzling a fat column of steam. At the same time, he was surrounded by six men with red cups, who are cheering on Lee like college students at a frat party. Of course, the cheers would be deserved after Lee endured an unfortunate “side effect” of the dabbing.

Too Much for Me

After partaking in Whiz’s concentrate, Lee sharply backs off from the rig and waves his hands around his face, ultimately admitting he does not want to inhale any more smoke. Afterward, he leaned over and slapped his hand across his chest, before sinking into a wheezing fit of coughing. After a few more seconds, Lee collapsed into a wall before bouncing back to his feet.

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