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The Best Addiction Recovery Podcasts

woman doing podcastFor over 40.3 million Americans, substance use disorder or “Addiction” is a daily fact of life. Recovering from that addiction is a process, where you first have to find motivation, get treatment, learn the skills and tools you need to stay clean, and then stick to it. For many of us, that means finding inspiration, continuing to seek out validation and inspiration, and constantly learning about ourselves, our addiction, and our lives.

Podcasts can be a great way to do that, offering insight, helping you learn more about addiction from the perspective of others, and getting a broader view of how and why people recover. A podcast will never replace group meetings and sharing in person, but it can give you regular inspiration to keep your life on track, help you to stay positive, and give you things to think about.

The following include a few of the best addiction recovery podcasts.

The Addicted Mind

The Addicted Mind is a podcast about information, science, and finding recovery. The host, Duane Osterlind is a recovering alcoholic, who shares his own experience and that of the people around him after more than 8 years sober. The podcast itself features guest speakers on topics such as breaking stigma, normalizing sobriety, living without drugs and alcohol, and improving life during sobriety.

The addicted mind is often focused on alcohol use problems. However, it’s a good fit for anyone who wants to learn more about addiction, how it works, what the science behind it is, and how real people are dealing with it in recovery.

Shair Podcast

Shair Podcast is hosted by Omar Pinto, a Recovery Coach and speaker, who uses his podcast as a network and platform to share about addiction recovery. The podcast focuses on interviewing individuals about their own recovery journeys – making this podcast a good source of inspiration.

The Shair Podcast officially ended on January 2020 with 292 episodes. However, Omar Pinto continued the podcast as the Omar Pinto Coaching podcast, with a slightly more coaching-focused approach. However, with 292 episodes sharing information on mental health, recovery, and recovery stories. Shair is still extremely popular.

That Sober Guy

That Sober Guy is hosted by Shane Ramer and is specifically about helping individuals to find sobriety from a point of drinking. With over 2 million listeners, it’s also one of the most popular sobriety podcasts available.

Shane shares a mixture of science, nutrition, and lifestyle and positive information on his podcast. He also frequently invites guests to share stories of recovery and inspiration. In addition, guests include celebrities, pastors, and even people who have successfully gotten sober through the podcast. That Sober Guy uses a 12 Step element and has a strong Christian focus.

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The Addiction Podcast: Point of No Return

woman holding her mobile phone listening to podcastThe Addiction Podcast: Point of No Return features host Joanie Sigal interviewing and talking with addicts, people in recovery, their family members, and their loved ones. This means the podcast largely focuses on personal storytelling and sharing perspectives from different people. Often, it’s from the perspective of family members of persons with addiction.

That makes this podcast an especially good choice for anyone with a family member struggling with addiction. In addition, it can offer insight into how your family feel, how your family are impacted by substance abuse, and what rehab is like for family as well.

Talking Addiction and Recover

Andrew J. Schreier the author of best-selling book Addiction & Recovery. In his podcast, Talking Addiction and Recovery. His podcast delves into the themes from the book, sharing science, inviting guest speakers, and offering insight into mental health, addiction, and behavior inspired by both.

Talking Addiction and Recovery tackles themes including family, mental health, sobriety, and non-substance addictions like gambling. This diverse podcast is a great fit if you want to learn about addiction in general, without necessarily committing to something focused on recovery.

Recovery Radio

Recovery Radio is a 12-Step podcast specifically dedicated to interviewing and sharing the thoughts and ideas of 12 step speakers. Every episode features a different 12-step speaker sharing personal experiences in alcoholism, drug addiction, co-dependency, recovery, and life after treatment. In addition, the program has a strong focus on exploring the themes of 12 Step, understanding what the program offers, and engaging users.

In addition, Recovery Radio features mental health experts, meaning you get science and evidence-based information around people sharing.

Recovery Happy Hour

Recovery Happy Hour is hosted by Tricia Lewis, a recovering alcoholic who quit drinking in November of 2016. The podcast shares her experience with leaving recovery with a focus centered on having a good life after recovery. The idea is that life doesn’t stop being fun after you get sober – with plenty of guests, interviews, and shared experiences to make that real.

In addition, Recovery Happy Hour focuses on life tips and tricks, covering topics ranging from science to triggers to coming out to your friends and family as sober. Like Shair, Recovery Radio is officially over. However, with 137 episodes, there’s plenty to listen to until you catch up.

If you or a loved one is struggling with drugs or alcohol, getting help is crucial. Podcasts and peer support can be a great step in helping you to find the motivation and inspiration to do so. That’s also true after you get help. Surrounding yourself with reminders to get help and treatment can be an incredibly important part of that recovery.

At the same time, it’s important to ensure that you or your loved one also get therapy and counseling. Both can help you to undo the harm caused by addiction, help you to rework behaviors that contribute to relapse, and give you the tools to truly recover.

Podcasts can help improve your day-to-day outlook, add to treatment, and ensure you have information you need. And, many fit into your commute, while you’re doing chores, or otherwise taking care of yourself. That can make them a valuable resource as you work your way towards recovery. Good luck and hopefully you find something you enjoy on this list.