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Costa Mesa Residential Rehab - Johnson Ave

A residential rehab may not be as soothing as a day at the spa, however, that doesn’t mean you should suffer through it. One of the most important factors in finding the right treatment facility is finding the perfect location. Often overlooked, it is crucial that while individuals undergo a change and transition to a sober life, it’s accompanied by a safe and comfortable setting.

At Asana Recovery, our Costa Mesa residential rehab can bring forth healing and comfort simultaneously. Our distinguished staff ensures each client receives an individualized treatment plan that will help them succeed. In hindsight, the same amount of detail is placed into our living facilities to provide comfort and relaxation while you or your loved one can focus on what’s important.

Costa Mesa Residential Rehab

Our Costa Mesa residential rehab facility is located in the heart of Orange County where nearly 2000 recovery meetings and support groups occur each week. Tucked between Newport Beach and Huntington Beach, our facility is in a thriving recovery community where individuals can find support and develop new connections. Costa Mesa is also home to popular attractions such as the Segerstrom Center for the Arts, Fairview Park, and just miles from Southern California’s picturesque beaches that can serve as a quintessential backdrop for changing perspectives and progressive healing.

In addition, our living facilities also provide clients luxury accommodations to foster comfort and growth. Throughout our continuum of care programs such as Detox, Residential, and Outpatient programming, clients are able to participate in a number of activities to begin to develop new interests and hobbies from a sober perspective.

Some of these activities can include:

Daily Group Activities
Supervised Low-Intensity Exercise
Fresh Air Mindfulness Sessions
Onsite BBQs

Recovery is hard. However, with the beauty, culture, and central location of our Costa Mesa residential rehab, individuals can find an easier transition from addiction to sobriety.

The Decision

Making the decision to enter a residential rehab is not easy. Though, it can open the door to life-changing possibilities. At Asana Recovery, individuals find more than just a treatment program and staff; they find family and community. Compared to other facilities in the area, our approach differs from other methods as our core values are held at the highest standard. Each of our highly-accredited doctors, therapists, and support staff understands the complex needs that addiction brings with it and caters to the needs of each individual client. Addiction isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach, and neither is our Costa Mesa residential rehab.

Speak To An Addiction Specialist

Take a look below and click to view some photographs of our 3062 Johnson Ave residency. For more information on Asana Recovery, give us a call today. Our caring and supportive admissions staff can guide you through the admissions process and answer any questions you have.