Asana Recovery

Madison Ave Drug Rehab

Located in the heart of Orange County, CA Asana Recovery’s Madison Ave home helps individuals find community and camaraderie while recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. Centered on the cornerstone of compassion and high-quality care, each client that becomes a resident at Asana Recovery is provided a safe and drug-free setting to separate themselves from the real-world of triggers that lead to substance abuse.

When individuals admit into our Orange County drug rehab program, they stay anywhere from one month to 90 days. During this time, our comprehensive clinical team will work with each client to determine the best individualized treatment plan for the best chances at success, providing a full addiction treatment continuum-of-care.

To support these treatment plans, clients are able to participate in a number of program including:

Individual Therapy
Group Therapy
Medication-Assisted Treatment
Pet-Friendly Drug Rehab

Asana Recovery in Costa Mesa

Oftentimes, the hardest step in getting help for addiction is the first step. Reaching out for help can be scary, but a life changing experience. The professional staff at Asana Recovery knows what it takes to recover from addiction and provide structure beautiful setting. Our Madison Ave drug rehab program is near popular attractions such as the South Coast Plaza Mall, Angels Stadium of Anaheim, and picturesque state parks where staff oftentimes takes clients on hikes, boat rides, and more.

In addition, our Madison Ave drug is in close proximity to hundreds of recovery meetings per week. Here, clients are able to find support systems at outside meetings which comes in useful when individuals begin to transition out of our structured program and into outpatient programming.

Not only is processing old behaviors vital to the success of recovery, but learning new ways to fill idle time is equally important. Asana Recovery also provides daily group activities, exercise, mindfulness sessions, and more to facilitate healing and help clients implement new skills.

Speak To An Addiction Specialist

If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction and interested in our Madison Ave location, contact us today. Our dedicated admissions staff is ready to guide you through the process and answer any questions you have.