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How & Why People Get Prescribed Xanax


WRITTEN BY: Mark Shandrow


Xanax addiction can be dangerous. However, we have talked with a lot of people who believe Xanax is necessary when feeling pressured, scared, anxious or stressed. Although we realize, certain individuals do require Xanax for specific medical conditions, others do not. We have also read the reports linking Xanax to recreational drug use.

This is the reason so many physicians are hesitant to write a prescription. Doctors have started looking into any history of substance abuse for their patients prior to prescribing Xanax. We believe one of the best defenses for potential harm from Xanax is knowledge. In some cases, we have found that understanding the potential effects of any drug can help prevent an overdose or addiction.

What is Xanax?

Xanax is a tranquilizer often effective for the treatment of mental disorders such as anxiety and is only available with a prescription. This means it can only be obtained from a pharmacy with a prescription from a doctor. Xanax, or alprazolam in the generic form, is a benzodiazepine and considered to have a high potential for addiction.

We have seen individuals who use Xanax for a long time or people misusing the drug become addicted. Despite the poor reputation as a recreational drug, Xanax is one of the most prescribed drugs within the United States. The drug impacts both the central nervous system and the brain. Xanax increases GABA or gamma-aminobutyric acid, which is a chemical in the brain responsible for slowing down the activity of nerve cells.

The result is a feeling of relaxation and calm. Xanax is a depressant for the central nervous system and results in a feeling of calm and rexation. This can lead to anxiety, lack of coordination and slurred speech. We have been asked how to get a doctor to prescribe Xanax. Our answer is simple. The individual should speak with a physician and ask if Xanax is necessary. The doctor may feel the person needs the drug for the treatment of a specific condition.

In this instance, the individual will receive a prescription. If the physician does not believe the person requires Xanax, the prescription will be denied. Xanax is available in different strengths including:

0.25 mg

0.5 mg

1 mg

2 mg

The color and shape of the pills are dependent on the strength. The 2 mg tablets are a rectangular shape in yellow, green or white. All of the other strengths have an oval shape. The 0.25 mg is white, 0.5 mg is orange and 1 mg is blue. We believe that understanding Xanax is classified as a schedule IV controlled drug is important. Once the individual has taken Xanax, the effects are generally felt in one to two hours.

Xanax will remain in the individual’s system between 12 and 15 hours because it is an intermediate-duration substance. We have heard numerous street names for Xanax including:







French Fries

Blue Footballs


How Xanax Works

According to the clinical research we have read, Xanax is effective for the treatment of specific psychiatric disorders. We do not see any issues with an individual using a prescribed dose of the drug under the supervision of a physician since this rarely results in addiction. The issue is chemical dependence is a risk when an individual uses more than the recommended dosage.

We have seen this happen because within one to two weeks the individual’s brain adjusts to the effects of the drug. Xanax is one of 15 benzodiazepines approved in the United States. Xanax works fast to calm nerves and help suppress anxiety symptoms. This is the reason the drug is so effective for the treatment of disorders related to anxiety. The drug also leaves the body quickly, which is why people take more.

Individuals with an addiction to Xanax often take as many as 20 or 30 pills everyday. We have witnessed people suffer from withdrawal because they stopped using Xanax without medical assistance. Withdrawal symptoms such as tremors, insomnia, restlessness and anxiety usually mean the person has become dependent on the drug.

Symptoms of Xanax Addiction

There are numerous questions asked about Xanax addiction in addition to that, indicates an addiction has developed including, getting prescribed Xanax, and how to get your doctor to prescribe it. The two key indicators of addiction are tolerance and withdrawal. There are signs an individual has developed a Xanax addiction including:

Ignoring responsibilities including family, work and school
Inability to stop taking the drug

Legal issues resulting from the use

Obsessing about getting more to use

Drug-seeking behavior
Loss of control over how much of the drug is used
Continued use despite personal difficulties
Losing interest in once enjoyable activities
Risky behavior including driving while using the drug

We encourage anyone who has developed a Xanax addiction to stop taking the drug. We do not recommend stopping without obtaining medical supervision or a medically-assisted detox first. Xanax withdrawal symptoms are very similar to withdrawal from barbiturates or alcohol. We have seen a wide variety of symptoms from mild to severe. If there are convulsions, Xanax withdrawal can be deadly.

In most instances, the process of withdrawal is a gradual reduction of the dosage. The individual will eventually begin using a long-acting type of Xanax for a specific period of time. This helps decrease the symptoms of withdrawal by weaning off the drug gradually.

How to Get Xanax From a Doctor


When an individual has never used Xanax, a physician must determine the person is eligible to use the drug. We have witnessed a lot of young adults using the internet for looking up symptoms. The attempt to self-medicate by obtaining the drug from illegal sources can be extremely dangerous. The best option for determining if Xanax is the best treatment for any medical condition is by consulting with a doctor.

There are a variety of medical conditions effectively treated with Xanax. If the individual has any of the conditions defined below, our recommendation is to ask a physician about Xanax.

1. Anxiety Disorders

An anxiety disorder is generally diagnosed when the individual is constantly and excessively worried about something that has not happened. The individual anticipates a negative outcome for something that they are focused on. This can lead to:

• Discomfort
• Distress
• Uneasiness
• Chest pains
• Trembling
• Shortness of breath

An anxiety disorder can result from current or past emotional experiences. We have seen bullied or abused individuals experience anxiety in a routine social environment. Feelings of occasional anxiety are normal. Only a medical professional can determine if these episodes of anxiety require treatment using medication.

2. Panic Disorders

Panic disorders are different from anxiety disorders. The individual will experience physical symptoms due to sudden, intense and often unexpected fear. The trigger is usually external stress. We have seen panic disorders so severe they are incorrectly believed to be heart attacks. The person often ends up in an emergency room. Panic attacks occur due to abrupt fear resulting from what is currently happening. 

A panic attack is similar to an alarm, except the result is sheer panic. Individuals experiencing panic attacks accompanied with damaging or violent symptoms generally receive a diagnosis of a panic disorder. 

3. Phobias

Xanax may be prescribed for individuals suffering from phobias. Both panic and anxiety attacks can be triggered by a phobia. The most common phobias include:

  • Acrophobia: The fear of heights 
  • Agoraphobia: The fear of open or crowded spaces
  • Aviophobia: The fear of flying on an airplane
  • Claustrophobia: The fear of enclosed places

The Archives of General Psychiatry published a study with 481 participants suffering from panic disorders. The participants took alprazolam for 21 days for the management of general anxiety, social avoidance and phobic behaviors. Among the participants, 82 percent of those participants showed an improvement in symptoms. Half reported all panic attacks had been eliminated. 

Due to the addictive potential of the drug, prescriptions for Xanax are not suitable for patients with a tolerance for benzodiazepines or substance abuse in the past. Individuals consuming alcohol are risking addiction when using alcohol and Xanax at the same time. If an individual has a history of suicidal behavior or severe depression, Xanax may increase suicide risk or make the symptoms worse. 

Xanax Overdose

Before any individual asks how to get Xanax, we believe it is critical to understand a Xanax overdose can be fatal. The risk is even greater if the substance is used with other drugs or alcohol. Chewing or crushing the pills can also result in an overdose because the drug was created to be time-released

The symptoms of a Xanax overdose include:

• Extreme drowsiness
• Difficulty breathing
• Muscle weakness
• Slow heart rate
• Loss of balance
• Confusion
• Fainting
• Coma

We are familiar with several treatments for an overdose. The treatment is dependent on how much Xanax was consumed and if alcohol or other drugs were used as well. One option for an overdose is having the stomach pumped to remove as much as the unabsorbed Xanax as possible. Medications may be administered for an antidote including flumazenil. The individual may require an IV for necessary fluids.

We strongly encourage any individual experiencing an overdose to go to the emergency room immediately. Being completely honest about what was taken and how much may save the life of the individual.

What Happens If a Doctor Refuses to Write a Xanax Prescription?

We encourage anyone who believes they may need a prescription for Xanax to consult with a medical professional. Following the advice of the physician is extremely important. If the doctor believes the person needs to take Xanax, a prescription will be written, and the individual should only use the drug under the supervision of the prescribing physician. 

If the doctor does not believe the patient requires Xanax, the physician will explain the reasons and recommend an alternative. One of the worst mistakes the individual can make is doctor shopping or lying about their medical condition. Doctor shopping is when the individual continues consulting with physicians until they receive a prescription. We want to stress that this practice is illegal. 

Depending on where the individual lives, doctor shopping can result in thousands of dollars in fines or a prison sentence. We strongly recommend against using any prescription not prescribed specifically for the individual. The effects can be dangerous or even fatal. Even if the person knows several individuals using Xanax, it does not mean the drug is appropriate for their circumstances. 


Do not use any medications being sold on the street or advertised through social media. In most instances, these pills are counterfeits. We have seen numerous pills laced using a deadly and extremely potent tranquilizer called fentanyl. Using fake Xanax drugs can and has resulted in numerous deaths. The risk is not worth potential death.

Common Xanax Drug Combinations

A lot of people have used a combination of Xanax and either pills such as opiates or alcohol to achieve a better high. Both methadone and heroin users consume Xanax on a regular basis. Xanax and alcohol is an especially dangerous combination because they are both depressants. This can result in an overdose leading to respiratory failure. All medications should be taken only according to the doctor’s instructions.

Xanax Statistics

Using Xanax recreationally in the United States resulted in visits to the emergency room doubling between 2005 and 2010, from 57,419 visits to 124,902. By 2013, there were more than 50 million prescriptions issued for alprazolam, the generic Xanax. The number of prescriptions written between 2006 and 2013 increased by 38 million. Beginning in 2008, Xanax prescriptions have continued to increase nine percent every year.

Xanax Abuse and Effects

When an individual uses more than the dosage of Xanax prescribed or does not have a prescription for the drug, it is considered abuse. Even individuals with a prescription can become addicted, although this is not nearly as common. Xanax abuse includes:

Taking numerous pills

Using with blotter paper

Injecting the drug

Using Xanax with alcohol or other drugs

Snorting the drug

The main reason Xanax addiction develops is due to the feeling of relaxation and calm. Certain individuals abuse the drug by taking a higher dosage or using it with alcohol or other drugs to obtain the desired high. A lot of therapists believe drugs are used to fill a void. Many individuals experience relief from anxiety for the first time through the comfort of Xanax.


We have heard individuals addicted to Xanax admit they enjoyed looking at the different colors and shapes of the drug. Some people experience a sense of relief simply by holding the pills in their hands. Yes, Xanax can be used to deal with numerous issues. The problem is when used incorrectly, the impact can be extremely dangerous or even fatal.

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Prescription Cost of Xanax

The cost of a prescription for Xanax is dependent on how and where the drug is purchased. Once a prescription is written, Xanax can be purchased online from numerous local pharmacies. If the individual does not have insurance, the cost for 0.25 mg is approximately $60.00, 0.5 mg is $74.00 and 1 mg is $97.00. There are pharmacies in certain areas charging as much as $137.

The cost of Xanax may be different if the individual purchases one of the less known brands. The majority of Xanax alternatives are available at pharmacies for a slightly lower cost without a lot of unnecessary additives. Brand alternatives for Xanax can be purchased for a lower cost online, but more unhealthy additives are generally included. 

How to Get Xanax

It is possible to purchase Xanax online without a prescription, but the cost for the same amount will be a lot higher. Our key issue is it is impossible to determine what additional ingredients are in the drug. Many of these ingredients can be dangerous. Individuals without a prescription can also purchase dosages higher than 1 mg. High doses are often even more addictive.


We do not recommend purchasing Xanax without a prescription because the drug is extremely addictive. The United States Food and Drug Administration or FDA has stated there are numerous online pharmacies operating illegally and sell Xanax without a prescription. We want everyone to understand this is an illegal and prosecutable offense, even if the individual is unaware of the law.


The FDA offers different ways to determine if an online pharmacy is a reputable. This will help the individual avoid purchasing the drug without first obtaining a doctor’s prescription.

Is Xanax a Good Option?

A Xanax prescription can provide short-term relief for the symptoms of panic and anxiety disorders. This does not mean the drug is a permanent solution for the specific issue. Using Xanax on a regular basis is risky because the drug is an extremely addictive sedative. Once an individual starts using the drug, tolerance is often built quickly. This means the drug becomes useless even at a safe dosage.

Many individuals are asking how to get prescribed Xanax bars. Xanax bars are often referred to as planks or zanies. The bars are small tablets capable of being broken into quarters to take individually. The dosage for every Xanax bar is  2 mg. One-half of a bar is 1 mg. Individuals with a tolerance for one-quarter of a Xanax bar will often increase the dosage by consuming two separate quarters of the bar.

When the individual consumes the entire Xanax bar, the result can be hyperactive behavior, aggression and irritability. Additional symptoms include the following:

• Low blood pressure
• Symptoms of Xanax withdrawal
• Chest pain
• Drowsiness

Some people continue taking Xanax pills and bars to eliminate the severe symptoms of withdrawal, such as shaking and panic attacks. Anyone wondering how to get prescribed Xanax bars should consult with a physician. Using Xanax should always be the very last resort for any type of anxiety. There are numerous natural options that can help improve mental health.

We recommend yoga, meditation, regular exercise and a balanced diet to help with mental health issues. If an individual is told by a doctor a Xanax prescription is necessary for anxiety, the person should fill the prescription through a trusted and safe supplier. Untrustworthy suppliers offer drugs that actually make the symptoms worse as time passes.

The Many Questions Pertaining to Xanax

How to get prescribed Xanax and where to get Xanax are just a few of the most common questions  This being said, there are good reasons why physicians do not want to write prescriptions for Xanax for long-term. Every doctor takes the Hippocratic Oath which declares they will not do any harm. 

Doctors realize using Xanax long-term can cause harm and they take their oath seriously. Physicians do not receive more money by prescribing certain drugs or refusing to prescribe others. The prescriptions they write are intended to help their patients. One of the biggest risks of using the drug long-term is addiction. When an individual becomes dependent on Xanax, they often increase the dosage. 

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To achieve the same effect, the person must continuously increase the dosage. The reason Xanax has a street value is that the drug induces a pleasant and relaxed feeling. More than 11,000 deaths occurred in 2017 due to the use of Xanax either separately or with another drug. By 2015, one-fifth of all individuals who died from an overdose of opioids had Xanax in their systems as well. 

Using opioids to treat pain or Xanax to treat anxiety is meant for short-term use as opposed to a permanent cure. When Xanax is taken with opioids or alcohol, the result may be slow breathing or death. Misusing the drug can result in impulsive or aggressive behavior or a lack of restraint. Since Xanax is a sedation drug, the risk of falls or accidents is increased. This most often impacts the elderly. 

When Xanax is taken with a suppressant to the central nervous system such as opioids or alcohol, the effects are even worse. We have recently learned using Xanax for long-term can result in psychomotor, memory and cognitive impairment. This issue is worse for older adults. The effect may impact cognitive functions including learning and processing.

Even when the individual has discontinued using Xanax, the above effects may continue. If the individual is using a high dose and stops abruptly, the result may be withdrawal symptoms including:

• Irritability
• Racing heart
• Muscle tension
• Restlessness
• Blurred vision
• Insomnia

Withdrawal resulting from high doses of Xanax can be dangerous, including seizures. The best option for discontinuing use is through the supervision of a doctor.

The Importance of Medically-Assisted Detox

Addiction to Xanax is a serious issue that impacts not just the individual, but also their friends and family members. The first step to helping someone with a Xanax addiction is getting the individual to admit there is a problem. We believe this is the first and most critical step on the path to recovery. There is a lot the family can do to help a loved one recover from an addiction. 

Once the family realizes a loved one has become addicted to Xanax, an excellent place to begin is a confrontation with the help of a trained interventionist. An interventionist has received training to assist families in determining the best possible timing for intervention, and help each person rehearse exactly what they will say. The interventionist can then help the family find the best treatment program. 

The idea is to help the person addicted understand the consequences of the addiction for the family. We believe it is important to discuss the value of a formal program for detoxification. Detox is the best possible place for access of treatment due to medical supervision. The time the individual spends in detox will enable their body to eliminate the toxins left by the drug. The result is a clear mind and a clean slate.

Finding Therapeutic Help

Once the individual has completed the detox program, any mental illness will be diagnosed by medical professionals. Underlying illnesses are often contributing factors to addiction. There are facilities specializing in the treatment of more than one disorder

Xanax addiction can result from mental health conditions including:

• Post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD

• Agoraphobia

• Generalized anxiety disorders

• Social phobia

There are effective programs created for the treatment of co-occurring disorders. Customized therapies allow the individual to treat their mental illness and addiction simultaneously. With this help the individual can start a brand new life with a combination of medication, group therapy, psychotherapy, family counseling and a variety of holistic treatment options. The individual can free themselves from addiction.

Getting Help for Xanax Addiction in Orange County

Numerous individuals have used drugs including Xanax to treat non-medical issues. There are approximately five million people in the United States who have used prescription sedatives during the past year for recreational reasons. There are recovery programs available for individuals addicted to Xanax, providing a safe and secure environment. The treatment plans include numerous rehab services such as family counseling, behavior therapy, art therapy and wellness and nutritional classes.