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Rehab For Couples on Drugs

When couples are addicted to drugs or alcohol, behaviors will typically progress to where close friends and family members feel it necessary to confront the couple about their substance use disorders. The world-class addiction treatment and therapy sessions offered at Asana Recovery in Orange County provide a calm and comfortable atmosphere for those participating in couples treatment that helps minimize the risk of relapse for them both while participating in couples treatment. Our team of addiction specialists is always strive to create the best and most effective rehab for couples on drugs.

couple that is fighting drug addiction or alcohol use disorder will typically realize that they are causing damage to their relationships as well as neglecting other responsibilities. When both members of a marriage or committed relationship find themselves lost in a harmful addiction it can lead to a variety of problematic issues. Even worse, though, a couple’s continuous substance abuse can result in life-changing events such as domestic violence, divorce, family instability, and other legal problems.

It has become relatively common for married couples to fall victim to addiction and require a form of substance abuse treatment. Couples who find themselves in a battle with drug or alcohol addiction are often seen to benefit more from going through the treatment process together than those who receive individualized treatment. While in rehab treatment together, couples have the luxury of working as a team toward the goal of enjoying healthy and sober lives with each other.

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Benefits of Couples Rehab in Orange County

The industry-leading couples drug rehab programs offered at Asana Recovery provide a well thought out plan where both parties can receive treatment at the same time. We have seen that when both partners agree to seek treatment, they are both able to unify themselves with a shared commitment and goal of a healthy and successful recovery. 

Couples who complete the process and get sober together in our couples rehab learn to work together as a team toward resolving the underlying issues that are driving the addictive behaviors through individual therapy and group therapy. As each other’s primary source of support, couples in recovery watch each other’s back and able to hold each other accountable.

The staff of therapists and other medical professionals at Asana Recovery have invested significant time and effort into developing our program. Our procedures are based on the evidence we see at our rehab centers. Doing this has made our recovery programs customizable based on the couple’s needs and ensures that all recovery efforts are presented in the right direction. The ultimate goal of this being that both partners can overcome the addictive habits and establish their new healthier lifestyle with each other. 

Immediately following the completion of the couples drug rehabilitation program, you and your partner will return with a greater understanding of each other’s lives. Deeper bonding, tolerance, and mutual support are just a few of the traits that are learned and continue to be applied with one another during the long-term sober relationship they will enjoy

The Couples Drug Rehab Advantage

When a healthy and robust relationship dynamic is thrown off by addiction, treatment options should always be tailored around the development of new recovery skills. The purpose of these skills plays the role of doubling as support for the relationship as a whole. Addiction can produce a significant increase in friction in the home. This friction can visibly be seen as frustration, resentment, and anger. Thus the entire family feels the impact of substance abuse in the home.

Excessive drug or alcohol use is regularly seen, leading to feelings of paranoia, irrational thinking, delusional thoughts, and other thought distortions in general. An increase in fighting, including domestic violence, is also observed as a contributing factor to addiction. Our experts therapists can provide coaching and guidance to couples on how to improve interpersonal skills, and reduce the frustrations caused by the hardships, by teaching conflict resolution.

During the process of rehab for couples on drugs, both partners will undergo different forms of psychotherapy. Both individual and group therapy sessions are included in the couples treatment program at Asana Recovery. In addition, 12 Step principles based on AA and NA are also included in the program as appropriate. The primary purpose of these therapy sessions is to expose any current mental health issues, such as trauma and abuse so that they can be examined and treated accordingly. Getting to the root cause of the addiction is vital for future success.

It is not abnormal for one or both partners to have a co-occurring mental health issue like PTSD or depression. Our programs are created to address each unique emotional issue that you or your partner may suffer. The goal of couple’s drug rehab is to develop a strong foundation and set the tone to have success moving forward.

Recovery Skills Development

Asana Recovery introduces essential coping skills and other tools that can be gained and accessed as incredibly constructive resources during and after the couple’s recovery. By learning how to better relate to each other’s struggles and conflict management, both assist with the whole recovery process, as well as the sober and healthy lifestyle that follows. A couple of these valuable techniques that have proven to be very rewarding for our patients have included:

Rehab For Couples on Drugs

Stress Reduction

As a frequently seen cause that triggers relapse, many industry professionals consider stress to be the most challenging obstacle in the way of a sustained long-term recovery. Learning how to reduce stress through different coping mechanisms such as yoga, guided meditation, deep-breathing exercises, or massage therapy can help couples learn helpful techniques used to regulate high amounts of stress in their relationship. Successful stress reduction will always result in decreasing the risk of relapse.

Rehab For Couples on Drugs

Anger Management

Drugs and alcohol encourage feelings of frustration and emotional surges. This is a crucial point because anger often leads to potentially damaging physical or verbal abuse within the home. A large percentage of domestic violence cases involve the use of drugs or alcohol. In a couple’s treatment, both partners learn how to manage emotions like stress, anger, and frustration in more healthy and positive ways. This is undoubtedly a better option than automatically resorting to hostility or violence.
Rehab For Couples on Drugs

Communication Skills

Learning how to communicate feelings or concerns, fairly more effectively and in a non-confrontational way is unquestionably beneficial to both partners. Learning about the impact that the little things like body language, eye contact, and active listening is important to learning how to effectively communicate. These small details can help improve the overall communication that occurs within the relationship. Practical communication skills have been proven to help the different ways that couples convey their thoughts and feelings clearly and most effectively.

Rehab For Couples in Orange County

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