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Going to a party should always be a fun and happy time for friends and loved ones, but, unfortunately, a frequent bout of nightclub hopping and concert attendance does not always end well for some people. In just a few moments, your night of happiness will turn into a landslide of horror, all because someone decided to drop something toxic in your drink. We always say the same thing: “It won’t happen to me. I’m too smart for that.” Still, criminals are always finding new, innovative ways to spike drinks and take advantage of people. However, one country refuses to stand for this. In the wake of this activity, Australia has developed an incredible little invention that could easily tell you if your drink is spiked and (obviously) save your life in the process. What is this new tool and how could it help us? Let’s take a closer look and find out more.

Wonder from Down Under

Before you leave the house, you always repeat these rules. Watch out for suspicious people. Never let anyone buy you a beverage. Most importantly, never ever leave your drink unattended. Still, criminals continue to get away with spiking drinks and hurting victims.

However, Australians have started to take charge. Recently, inventors created the Sip Safe, a bracelet that allows you to test the chemical content of your beverage (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic). Hip-looking and comfortable, this pseudo-jewelry was originally designed for concerts and festivals.

Just a Few Drops

So how does it work exactly? Simply put, just dab a few drops of your drink on the bracelet. Wait for about two minutes until the liquid soaks into the bracelet. If the spots of dried liquid turn dark blue, this is a sign that your drink has possibly been spiked. Although this is not the first tool to detect drugged drinks, the Sip Safe is a much more fashionable, more convenient, and less obvious tool than nail polish or swizzle sticks. Even more importantly, a simple, flat bracelet will not be a dead giveaway to crooks.

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